Mama’s Girl

Yeah, I’m a big baby.

I’m past the half-century mark, don’tcha know, and yet the older I get the more I realize how much growing up I have yet to do, not to mention how much I am shaped by my genes and my formative years. And unlike many people, I find I am heartened and grateful when I look in the mirror and see my mother. There may still be hope I’ll turn out well.

It’s not just that I’m pleased to start looking more like Mom, though that wouldn’t make me sad in the least; I think my mother’s beautiful. But since we’re a pretty close-knit family, I like to think that enough of her more objectively wonderful qualities will have rubbed off on me over the years that I have a chance of continuing to improve with age in many other ways as well. To grow into some semblance of her patience and compassion, her grace and gentleness and big-hearted love is certainly a gift to be fondly wished.

Meanwhile, however, it’s Mama’s birthday. It’s she who should be getting gifts. But then, given my mom’s character, having her children turn out well ought to be just the sort of pretty good present she’d like most, and if my seeing her in my mirror confirms that the best I can turn out is as a good imitation of her, why then I’ll keep working and hoping and trying what I can to head in that direction. Hmmm. Maybe I should bring her a box of candy or something just in case.

Happy Birthday, Mom!digital photo

6 thoughts on “Mama’s Girl

    • Funny to return to this post after a little time away and having been with the family for Thanksgiving. Mom is so much (physically) tinier, but still recognizably Mom. My big sister and I, meanwhile, spent some time musing during this visit on how much more she and I and our other two sisters look alike as we age–just as Mom and her sisters did before us–and we even got asked twice if we were twins! (We’re two years apart.) 🙂

  1. What a sweet tribute Kathryn, to the most special mother. I’ve been priviledged to have her as MY sister and mentor for 65 wonderful years. She represents the true character of unconditional love and is the best that any little sister could ever have. Love to you both from both of us. xoxo ing

    • Smooches right back, my sweet! It was good to see Mom and the whole Seattle crew (including Mom and Dad Sparks), however briefly, at Thanksgiving. Hope you guys had a grand T-time as well. xoxoxo! K Ing

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