Blogging Awards & Recognitions

During my first couple of years of daily blogging, I have been the fortunate recipient of a number of blogging honors, and rather than clutter my sidebar and tire you with my constant bragging, I now share these deeply appreciated signs of others’ support and kindness here with you who have made the effort to come and look. With each award, I am posting here a blogroll of the generous and talented and skillful and impressive fellow bloggers who have graced my own pages with their presence and their tremendously uplifting and fruitful comments and correspondence as well as producing superb blogs of their own. I am humbly grateful for the outpouring of largesse from these my friends and benefactors. While I was accepting and passing along blog awards, I was granted the following kindly recognitions (listed alphabetically) by the persons noted. Though from the beginning of 2014 I am no longer accepting new awards, I remain thankful and grateful most of all for the great friendship and support that these earlier honors represent.

logos for Blog Awards

Blog love from many good blogging friends!

I thank my fellow bloggers and readers for these gracious gifts, and I encourage you to visit their many wonderful blogs and see for yourself why I am honored to spend time in their company here in cyberspace. To wit:

Awesome Blog Content Award from: ‘Nessa at Stronghold

Because You’re Fantabulous Award: Bror at Belsbror

Best Moment Award from: Carolyn at Chasing Light

Blog of the Year 2013 from: Afsheen at Dreams to Reality

Candle Lighter Award from: ‘Nessa at Stronghold

Dragon’s Loyalty Award from: Afsheen at Dreams to Reality

Food Stories Nominee for Excellence in Storytelling from: veggiewhatnow at veggiewhatnow

Inner Peace Award from: Anne at Tales Along the Way

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award from: Mandy at The Complete Book

Kreativ Blogger Award from: ‘Nessa at Stronghold, Mandy at The Complete Book

Liebster Award from: ‘Nessa at Stronghold, Lindy Lee at Poetic Licensee, Dimple at Shivaaydelights

Most Influential Blogger Award from: Samina at Samina’s Forum for Police Support

One Lovely Blog Award from: Lauren at L Scott Thoughts

Reader Appreciation Award from: Celi at The Kitchens Garden

Red Educational Shoe Award from: Year-Struck at Year-Struck

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from: Rosemary at Random Rose

Stylish Blogger Award from: Mandy at The Complete Book

Sunshine Award from: Mandy at The Complete Book, Lauren at L Scott Thoughts, Anne at Tales Along the Way

Versatile Blogger Awards from: Celi at The Kitchens Garden, Nia at Photography of Nia, Otto von MΓΌnchow at In Flow, Eve at Redwater Ramblings, ‘Nessa at Stronghold, the Peaches at Peach Farm Studio, Pamela, Geraldine, and Alpha, Bishop at From My Backyard, Diane at Bardess DM Denton, Mira and Mars, Mandy at The Complete Book, Afsheen at Dreams to Reality, Anne at Tales Along the Way

Very Inspiring Blogger Award from: ‘Nessa at Stronghold, Mandy at The Complete Book, Lauren at L Scott Thoughts, Diane at Bardess DM Denton

5 thoughts on “Blogging Awards & Recognitions

    • Many thanks for your generosity, my kind friend! I have decided that I will stop accepting awards, simply because although I think them a delight and a valuable inspiration and encouragement in our blogging community, my own little blog practice here has grown enough in the time I’ve been posting that it takes me a little too many hours a day to do just the basic work of keeping it ‘operational’ and responding to my wonderful correspondents. So I can’t add in the extra time required to do justice to accepting and sharing further awards myself, but I think you’ll understand and know that I am sincerely honored by your kindness. Thank you, and blessings to you as well!

      • It’s okay. I understand. πŸ™‚
        I am experimenting on ways to go about the problems of awards posts. I even wrote a tip on my Awards page on how I do it. πŸ™‚
        Have a wonderful day!

      • I understand. No worries. πŸ™‚
        If you would like to check how I do it (awards posts) you can check my Awards page. πŸ™‚
        Have a wonderful day.

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