Best of the Very Worst, or How I Rose Above Personal Mediocrity to become a Self-Made Above-Average Character

”]digital drawingThe ever-inspiring Nia, photojournalist of all things sweet in Istanbul and wherever her travels have taken her, has tagged me with the honorable task of reviewing my short (thus far only, I hope) history as a blogger and passing along the challenge for such introspection and resurrection to some fellow internet trapeze artists as well. As one who has always prided herself, if that’s not too extravagant and approach to it, on being comfortable with her place in the middle of the pack, so to speak, in the universe, it is a tingly and cheering surprise when anyone tells me I’m otherwise. I mean, I knowI’m special, wonderful, and adorable and all of that since people I love and respect tell me so in my real life, but I am also fully aware that the rest of the planet is absolutely brimming with equally special-wonderful-adorable creatures in that sense. I’m also well aware that nothing I have done, made, said or been has shaken the foundations of reality or made me rich or famous, nor is likely to do so–and I really am okay with that!

So to be singled out as worthy of mention in this my new endeavor is flattering, frightening and flummoxing all at the same time. But mostly it feels really nice! It is a fine affirmation that my ego, smiling broadly at me in the mirror, is not so far off-kilter that my average-and-ordinariness cannot be seen by others, too, as maybe something a little shinier and more compelling than they actually are–or perhaps even edging upward over the years and efforts somewhere a tiny bit closer to excellence. Complacency, no, never, I hope. But isn’t it nice to get that sore shoulder once in a while that comes from cheerily patting oneself on the back?

mixed media drawing

Buckets of bouquets to us all!

I would like to offer the same supportive and enthusiastic back-pats to the following fellow toilers in the fields of blogdom:

Ted Griffith, who braves the blogosphere with wonderful photographic art despite frequent disclaimers of intimidation and inexperience apparently quite similar to my own;

Madeline of ah-lum-dahp-dah, daring adventurer and journalist (with great humor and compassion) of her experiences around the world at an age when I still thought it was incredibly gutsy to say Hi to a stranger at a boring reception;

Fellow unreasonable optimist Jared at Lexidelphia, poet and commentator on such useful things as mustache characteristics and the importance of being an impertinent little upstart when questions ought to be asked;

Milady Hannah-Elizabeth of The Last Classic, writing a remarkably insightful and thoughtful rumination on life with all of its ups and downs;

Beautiful Desi of The Valentine 4, whose ability to calm the stormy seas around her with wisdom and humor and passion are a great example to us weaker-willed souls;

Aaron Leaman, who like the rest of us hard-working arty types, starts with Nothing and makes Something–in his case, artful and thought-provoking photos, vids and texts.

Jack Campbell, Jr, of This Average Life, a guy that just happened to post today on the selfsame theme I had chosen for the day, with a unique twist. I think that qualifies as good taste in ordinariness!–or something like it . . .

My Fellow Bloggers: Should you choose to accept this mission, you will only need to revisit and link to 7 of your all but forgotten posts, linking to them, and then pass this mission/challenge on to 7 other bloggers . . . here are my own responses:

#1 Your Most Beautiful Post (in your opinion):   Another Kind of Safety (or, better yet I hope, something yet to come)

#2 Your Most Popular Post (per stat views):   The Supercooled Liquid that is Far More than Smoke and Mirrors 

#3 Your Most Controversial Post (per reality):   As American as Whaaaaaa . . . ???

#4 Your Most Helpful, or “How To” Post:   Happiness may be Ephemeral, but It’s Sure Worth the Effort

#5 Your Most Surprisingly Popular  Post:   I Hereby Crown Myself Mistress of the Mess-ups and Guru of Good Intentions

#6 Your Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Merited:   Be Still and Listen, Thou Big Dope

#7 Your Magnum Opus (post you are most proud of):  I’m hoping like crazy that if there’s an individual post that’s “best” it is yet to come. What I’m really proud of is finally getting up the nerve and the gumption to actually join the blogosphere and persevere at it. And all of the rest of you that commit to this humbling and exhilarating and inspiriting task should be equally pleased to be in this weird and wonderful company!

colored pencil on paper

This little piggy cried, "Me! Me! Me!" all the way home . . .

Please pardon my wallowing in self-congratulation for a moment. Whee! Whee! Whee!

10 thoughts on “Best of the Very Worst, or How I Rose Above Personal Mediocrity to become a Self-Made Above-Average Character

  1. This Little Piggy–a classic Kathryn! Colorful, vibrant, and fun. Love it. It reminds me of something Jim Holloway used to say, “Well, Claudia, what do you expect of a pig but a grunt?”

  2. If I may be presumptuous enough to create a new category here: Your Most Touching Post:
    Sound Advice for the Voiceless. I suppose that the theme of dealing with physical challenge and rising above the predicament is always close to my heart for personal reasons. Meantime, while you are lending generous support to your fellow bloggers, I’d like to say that it has been a treat to follow your blog. Each post is a gem that emanates its unique sparkle. In fact, after reading a series of your recent ones, I feel inspired to come up with a post or two for my own blog after a rather long break. So, my dear friend, hold your breath!!

    • You are so very kind, my dear! I will look forward to reading whatever you post next; regardless of the impetus, you always find a wonderful way to state your case and spin your thread of thinking into very readable delights.
      What a wonderful serendipity to cross paths yesterday! I still have lots of Stravinsky deliciousness running through my head.

    • Given Daisy’s great beauty, I should be working on some good cow portraiture toute de suite, shouldn’t I. Wish we had a nice pasture adjoining our place so I could do my bovine admiring up close on a regular basis. Piggies, too, for that matter, and some nice sheep, and-and-and.
      And I thank you for crediting me in any way for lifting your game, but darling, the truth is I steal all of my stardust from the likes of you and my other inspirations, so let’s just enjoy the mutual-admiration society of being among great creative friends, eh! How lucky we are!

  3. I am so glad with you dear Kathryn, how nice to read and to share with you. And also to meet with new bloggers. I loved your pictures, you are such a beautiful artist, As you said, yes how lucky we are! I love all these creative world with beautiful souls. And you are one of them. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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