Forgive Me If I Make Light of This…

I got such a lovely comment on yesterday’s post from the marvelous Marie of My Little Corner of Rhode Island and it echoes something I’ve felt myself for a very very long time:

“As for me – and you,too, I suspect – I choose to shine…”

Indeed I do, my friend; I like to think I’m working to get better at it all the time. It’s a point of reference, a philosophy I can’t imagine living without. My love of the ‘dark side’ with all of my death-doom-and-destruction black humor and the thrillers and horror stories is only fun and safe to explore because it is undergirded with the belief that life in its natural state is meant to be beautiful, joyful and sweet. Yeah, I’m a big ol’ naive goof that way.

photo + textI put this illustration together quite some time ago–can’t even remember exactly what the occasion happened to be–simply because it really does reflect something that’s quite central to my worldview. In my heart I’m pretty convinced the entire world could be saved if enough people got ‘Pollyanna‘s Disease’ and just opted to believe in kindness and goodness and peace and all of that silly, fluffy stuff, let alone to actually get out there and practice it. Life can truly be dirty, ugly, complicated and terrifying in turns (well, sometimes all at once); why on earth would anyone want to keep focused on those parts if there’s an alternative?

I understand. I’ve had it pretty cushy through the majority of my existence, but I do know what it’s like to be knocked down, to hit bottom, too. So why get all tutti-fruity and dance en pointe through the daffodils like a drunken fairy queen with my assertions of a Happy World? Because I’m no crusader–I’ve no taste for starting an actual worldwide political campaign to End Severe Naughtiness and Rotten Mean-itude despite the charm of thinking it would be even remotely possible. It’s too large a job for a person like me. But I’m here to say that besides really believing in all this mushy stuff I cling to it because the belief itself provides a path to joy.

pastel on paperDoes that make me ridiculous? A lightweight? A fool? Why, yes, thank you, it does. In a way that makes me proud. It seems to me that if I’m marginal, an outsider, there are far worse ways to stand out than by being happy. By working at being happy. What a nice way to be a freak. So pardon me if I excuse myself to continuing with my hippity-hopping through the sunshine with cartoon theme songs on my mind and sequins on my soul. Oh, and you’re welcome to tag along if you don’t mind looking a little silly too.

digital photocollage

17 thoughts on “Forgive Me If I Make Light of This…

  1. Like you, I’ve had a pretty cush existence thus far, filled mostly with love and light…and yet I can enjoy the cynical, dark-black humor with the best of them…or the worst?!? However naive it may be, I still believe the power of love and goodness and kindness wins…

    So, I say… carry on hippity-hopping, Kathryn Ingrid…carry on! (Not to be confused with hip-hopping) I’ll be there hopping right along side you…. 🙂

    Cheers and sunbeams!! 🙂

  2. “Just because I don’t walk around beating my breast, and talking a problem to death, doesn’t mean I don’t worry, too…”
    I have some form of this conversation with Hubby at least once a month.
    After ten years, he’s still trying to understand. But, at least he tries!
    Let’s hear it for the Happy Goofballs!
    (And thanks for the shout-out!)

  3. LOVE this! …your post, your words, your perspective–all of it! And like you and the commenter who spurred the post, I choose to shine as well. There’s a song that I love by Shawn Mullins called “Shimmer” and the lyrics are amazing… “we’re born to shimmer, we’re born to shine, we’re born to radiate”.

    Shine on, you!

    • Thank you kindly, dear Melissa. I guess you know from my comments over in ‘your house’ that we share a delight in our grace-tinged lives, and this shiny-themed thinking is just another logical part of it. I’ll have to hunt up the Shawn Mullins song!

  4. I think by now you know me well enough… I would also dance “en pointe through the daffodils” any day! I choose to be joyful… every day! Beautiful post, beautifully illustrated… as it always is!!

  5. So much of life is about our choices. We can’t orchestrate the events of our lives, but we certainly can choose how we respond to them. Choosing joy as a life attitude wil always benefit you and those around you. If this is foolishness, then “Long live the fools!” 🙂

  6. As well as that en pointe hurts your toes! Better to just RUN! with a great big fat woohoo.. Kathryn you are a rock with a light, maybe even a lighthouse on a rock, a joy! c

    • Trust me, only metaphorical toe shoes for this broad! Nothing so light on my feet as Les Ballets de Trocadero, let alone a true fey creature, so no toes will be damaged in the execution (probably too apropos a word) of my dance! I guess I’d far better work on the lighthouse variant. Thanks, dearest!

    • Thank you, my friend. I must give credit to my youngest sister for the first picture–the jars of stones are in her house and so pretty I just had to photograph them. The extra pleasure of them is that every time I look at that picture it “takes me to Norway to visit” my sister, and *that* is a source of great joy for me!

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