The Red Shoes Dairy

mixed media illustration

The Human Animal strikes again. And if you recognize the tune, I'm not using it to *blame* anyone, mind you, just to say we're all in this together . . .

Since I’ve already allowed as to how I’m pretty much a farm animal at heart, doing what comes naturally to me and without excessive amounts of couth or savoir-faire, I’m constantly amazed at the ever-so-much-cooler people who deign to hang around with me. Maybe my rare moments of actual and impressive wonderfulness have sufficiently inured them to my shortcomings so that they can kindly turn a blind eye when despite my wanting to be on my best behavior and attempting refinement I fail, sometimes spectacularly, to do so. I dress up in my prettiest red high-heeled shoes and yet I still go and Step in It. And if you don’t know what I mean by It, you have clearly not been paying attention around here.


My own Ruby Slippers have taken me to many an Oz . . .

Yet despite my persistent trippings-up and fallings-down, somehow I have thus far not only always ended up right back on my red-shod feet but in the midst of this great, forgiving, and ever so friendly good company, wherever in this world or my own universe I’ve happened to land. So I have ceased to be surprised when people come knocking at my door bearing presents and kisses and kindness of every sort. It’s not my deserving, you see, nor any prowess I’ve shown for being dignified and distinguished, so much as the boundless goodwill and generosity of spirit in those around me. While I may not be fabulously tasteful myself, I do have fabulous taste in other people.

Thus it comes as less of a shock than a delightful piece of exceeding niceness when my admirable and ever-sparkling muse over at Year-Struck has popped by with another glamorous pair of red heels for me to try on and admire. Maybe even to grow into, if I can. It’s not that my feet are so dainty in size but that my Educator skills are pretty itty-bitty and underdeveloped. However, if the award allows for conferral upon those who are getting a superb education here ourselves, why then I’m your woman.

With that, I will gratefully and happily accept the challenge. My wish is to share the award further, however, with some blogging friends who are educator-bloggers. I bow to those who have been particularly good at educating me and others, both with the content of their posts in which they teach us great and useful and desirable things and in their mentoring commentaries and the supportive role they play for those of us who follow in their admirable footsteps. Please rise and sing a hymn of happiness with me for these guardian angels in our midst:

Cecilia (thekitchensgarden), Marie (mylittlecornerofrhodeisland), Claire (promenadeplantings), Steve (portraitsofwildflowers and wordconnections), and John (fromthebartolinikitchens). The only rule I’ve been able to ascertain as purportedly attached to this award is to use it to recognize five of my most supportive commenters from recent posts, and as it happens, these folk are not only stupendous teaching mavens in their respective areas of expertise but are just that sort of supportive commenters referred to in that single shining rubric. So I can fulfill my own agenda whilst pretending to comply with the award’s original intent. Pretty much the way your Miss Passive-Aggressive correspondent tends to behave most of the time. I wink at you in your newly conferred complicity.

The Lovely Lauren Scott, meanwhile, has also graciously extended One Lovely Blog Award to reach me over here in my gift-strewn cubbyhole. As her blog is simply shimmering with genuine loveliness, I can easily ascertain why she would be a recipient herself, and can only assume that she is able to accomplish such a beautiful environment there by wearing some nearly-purple-they’re-so-rose-colored glasses, whereby I appear worthy of the award myself. Another excellent reason for me to be thankful I surround myself with such fine companions!

This award does ask that we share a little bit about ourselves once again in order to ‘earn’ the honor, which I think is only fair. To me. Not so much to those of you who have sat through over half a year of my yammering about myself, but bear with me.

What haven’t I already revealed to you about my inner workings (or playings, if we’re to be realistic about it)?

Did you know that:

I love a good thunder-and-lightning storm. Throw in some hail and I’m entertained for a long time. But don’t get it on my car or happening with me stuck under a big tree with my umbrella up, please.

When I try to wear ‘warm’ colors, especially a good deep yellow, I look just like I have severe jaundice and must be rushed immediately to the emergency ward. People who have to look at me when I wear such colors should also be treated with some kindness, to help them recover from the horror of my appearance.

I took an Archery class in college and enjoyed it quite a bit; I was even fairly decent at it. I probably couldn’t even draw a 60-pound bowstring nowadays. But give me a half hour and I’ll give it a try.

Dante Alighieri wasn’t quite thorough enough for my taste as he missed describing a particularly subterranean Level where Bullies should take up their eternal residence.

Being near natural water sources–oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ponds, and all of their cousins–is a source, also, of tremendous pleasure and comfort to me.

I would like to have the resources to design any object, from buildings to clothing, tools, pieces of furniture, vehicles, jewelry, gardens, hardware, housewares–you name it–and then hand off the plans to world-class craftspeople and see the designs realized. And then put to use, hither and yon.

Funny sounding words make me happy. Blubber! Flabbergasted! Cooties! Marsupial! Splurge! Glyptography! Carbuncle!

One Lovely Blog Award logo

This is my chance to recognize some really lovely blogs and their creators, those who fill each post with heart. I know a whole lot of people who are especially gifted at creating an environment that, for sometimes very different reasons from one blog to another–or even from one post on the same blog to another–compel me to return again and again. These are bloggers who make magic on a regular basis, with words and images and ideas that carry me along and fill me with amazement and inspiration, dark reflection and introspection and great measures of pleasure. I commend to your attention these marvelous and yes, truly lovely bloggers.

Barbara (just a smidgen)

Desi (The valentine 4)

B. (Just Add Attitude)

Raymund (Ang Sarap)

Geni (Sweet and Crumby)

Dennis (The Bard on the Hill)

Cyndi (Cfbookchick)

Caroline (sweetcarolinescooking)

Eve (Redwater Ramblings)

Eden (litrato-ngayon)

Allison (“Il Faut Goûter”)

Bella (winsomebella)

Nors (Foodtrip)

Sawsan (Chef in disguise)

‘Nessa (Stronghold)

David (DFB Poetry and Painting)

Lindy Lee (Poetic Licensee)

Teri (Images by T. Dashfield)

Tanya (Chica Andaluza)

Belle (belleofthecarnival)

Geraldine (Alternative Poet)

I was just reminded by one of my ‘honorees’ of the many fine reasons for politely declining blogging awards, not least of which is the duty imposed by response and acceptance. While one of the excellent reasons for declining would clearly be modesty or humility, as you all know I have neither. But I was also taught that accepting an undeserved gift with good grace is a certain sort of return gift in itself.

Furthermore, as I told my correspondent in this instance, the real reason I perpetuate any of these awards is simply to bring the standouts among my blogging compatriots to others’ attention. If not for that, I would indeed have declined all of these kindly meant notices myself, but this gives an unknown like me the chance to showcase some of the other writers and thinkers whose work I really admire for one reason or another, or for many reasons. Having responded to a number of these awards, I know that simply responding properly is in fact quite a bit harder than making up one’s usual post, because the content is externally dictated, and let’s face it, even a mathematical dullard like me can do enough basic sequential thinking to realize not only that the passing out of the laurels to new honorees becomes an obvious exponential impossibility but that merely fulfilling the self-revelatory or self-evaluative portion of the requirement becomes onerous when repeated. Especially when all I ever talk about on my blog is All Me All the Time anyhow!

Therefore I refuse to enforce any “rules” among the honorees I choose, hoping only that you and your companions will accept my personal admiration and accolades and feel free to bask privately, if that’s not anathema. So there are no chains requiring the smiting, nor any other attachments except the one of hoping that each of you will allow me to trumpet your blogs to my modest yet lively readership because I know others will appreciate what you offer! If you like to ‘play the game’–why, that’s another thing entirely! Passing along gifts in blog-dom is not the same as Re-gifting in the wrapping-and-ribbons world, so my real gift to you, since I believe you all earned the recognition, is that I don’t require you to respond in any particular way, or at all, if you don’t wish.


Having Red Shoes has never turned me into a dancer, alas, but only a vain creature . . . this is an instance when I greatly prefer my own sort of amusing fantasy to the dark old fairytales . . .

PS–I wasn’t (entirely) trying to be cruel, tricking you with that post title and all, so if you are here just hoping to catch a glimpse of David Duchovny, I’ll give you something to ameliorate my sins if you’ll forgive me once again. The Red Shoe Diaries aren’t exactly my sort of thing, but you know how my frivolous mind works, and when I see a pair of red shoes, no matter how Educational they’re meant to be, well . . .

48 thoughts on “The Red Shoes Dairy

  1. Oh I love my red shoe! This is a big post, It takes a lot of time to put one of these together, when i am finished with the farm work this morning I shall return and wander about your pages full of friends. And again thank you so much for my Lovely Award. Dawn is here i must away!! c

    • Yes, you know very well how time-consuming these are, and so you will note that I added a “no-strings-attached” clause to the post for the comfort of all parties. The whole point to me is to reflect the love that’s been shared with me here on blog turf. What you do with my admiration is all up to you!

      But you must pass along many pats and ear-scratchings and chin-ticklings to your many beasties from me, since I can’t deliver those in person though I’d happily do so. The hugs you can keep all to yourself. 🙂

      • I shall pass a hug to daisy though, she loves hugs, well, now that i mention it, so does Mia (most unusual for a sheep) and there are a few chickens that will stand still for a hug.. oh dear.. i am sharing your hugs.. hope you don’t mind, but they are such good hugs.. c

  2. Such a nice thing to wake up to on a blustery Sunday morning! Thank you so much for this gift and for the kind words that accompanied it. Would that I could, you would certainly be on my list of nominees. Your words touch me daily and never cease to delight. I hope your day is beginning as nicely as mine has.

    • As I said to Celi, I know that you know very well how time-consuming these are, and so you will note that I added a “no-strings-attached” clause to the post for the comfort of all parties. The whole point to me is to reflect the love that’s been shared with me here on blog turf. What you do with my admiration is all up to you!

      As for things here, why yes, it’s a good day. 🙂

  3. Oh, I have a pair of red shoes. With heels! I’ve never had a pair of red high heels before. Oh, I bette rget out of these thermals and longjohns so I can graciously accept my award.
    Katherine, thank you for thinking of me. I’ve never thought of myself as an educator, more of a rambler. So, so proud. And of course THANK YOU, not just for my red shoes but your beautiful, crafted pieces that make me stop and ponder and muse and wonder. Claire

    • Please note that I added a “no-strings-attached” clause to the post for the comfort of all parties. The whole point to me is to reflect the love that’s been shared with me here on blog turf. What you do with my admiration is all up to you!

      But you’re high on the list of people who continue to teach and inspire, and I know I’m not the only happy recipient of it!

  4. I have never ever been bold enough to wear red shoes but I think perhaps I should give it a try! I love the word flibbertigibbet. Ever since I was a little girl and watched “The Sound of Music”, I was transfixed by that word. It makes me happy. Thank you so much for mentioning me and the sweet compliments. Your blog is always a source of pleasure for me and inspiration.

    • Indeed, that’s another very fine and fun word! Can’t be applied to someone as hard-working as you are, but still . . . 🙂

      Please be assured, by the way, that I know how time-consuming responses to these awards are, and so you will note that I added a “no-strings-attached” clause to the post for the comfort of all parties. The whole point to me is to reflect the love that’s been shared with me here on blog turf. What you do with my admiration is all up to you!

    • And because I am nearly *always* tangential, that reminds me of another classic Red-titled film, ‘The Red Balloon’ . . . .

      I’m thinking it was Moira Shearer who danced to her doom in the movie you mention, no? If I saw the whole thing, it was *many* years ago, so I’m probably overdue to watch it anyway!

  5. I love your red shoes. I too have a pair. They are not as glamorous as yours (mine are flat) but they cheer me up whenever I wear them. Congratulation on all your awards and your kindness in mentioning Just Add Attitude. I have a special favour to ask, as I write, for now, the blog anonymously could I be know simply as B from Just Add Attitude in this post. I hope that is ok with you. xo,

    • Of *course*! Please pardon my oversight.

      Are the red shoes some of your ballet flats?? Those are about as glamorous as flats can get, I’d say! And yes, red shoes do cheer me up (I have some flats in red, too). The only other shoes I have that aren’t neutral colored one way or t’other are some low-heeled slingbacks in robin’s-egg blue that I just can’t part with even though I haven’t many clothes to which they’re well matched. Same motivation: I can’t be crabby when I’m wearing them. 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Kathryn! And also thank you so much! While I sit beside my belching son while my daughter slurps her milk with gusto and my husband clears his (ahem) congestion just down the hall…. Well, it is very, very nice to think of a good pair of red pumps and where exactly they might take me, right now 🙂 Also, thunderstorms amaze me, especially when I’m out in the car and it feels like the world above has broken and the pieces are crashing down. Or when I’m out on the lake or in an ocean bay in a kayak, embodied as a drop of water on a drop of water in the middle of the expanse of forever…. When I grow up, I’m going to live by the sea 🙂

    • The North Saskatchewan is pretty nifty as water sources go, too, but I admit there’s something really spectacular and compelling about the seacoasts.

      I have to admit, when you were describing the family sound effects, I made a wonderful little mental video with a waltzing soundtrack punctuated by belches and slurps and throat-clearings, with a beautiful Desi dancing around blissfully in red pumps!

  7. Brilliant post and a well deserved award for you. Thank you too for the very, very lovely mention. Red shoes are good, on all levels, I have a pair which I treasure (they would have been horribly expensive in real life but I got them a hundred years ago on the last day of the Harrods sale for a “song”)…they make me feel that another person for a short while…then I´m happy going back to being me again which is also good. Loved reading and learning about you – am most impressed with the archery. I tried it several times but coldn´t even get the bow to open 😦

    • AhhhhhhhhhHarrod’s!!!

      Archery, it turns out, isn’t the most convenient form of entertainment, for instance in terms of portability and general applicability in everyday situations. So you’re probably not missing much! 😉 It seems like you have plenty of things to do to keep entertained in your life as it is!

  8. Kathryn, You do deserve these awards coming your way Kathryn! I am in awe of how dedicated you are when accepting them and always do all the work that come with receiving them. I admire this trait as I myself find it so overwhelming a task I always fall short, no matter how hard I try.

    • If you read my post on craftsmanship a couple of days back, you know that I think being imperfect and yet continuing to work on as best we can isn’t the same as falling short, my dear Anyes! 🙂

  9. I need some pretty red shoes – but you know me, I could only pick the ones with a LOT of glitter glued all over them! Then I would be so captivated by the sparkle and shine that I would miss the piece of chewing gum left by some uncaring clod and as I stepped onto the gum would have to kick that lovely glittering shoe, and in the shaking of the shoe, would be focused once more on its shine shininess and then miss the curb, falling onto my face and being narrowly missed by the teenager driving by too rapidly while texting thereby not even realizing that he/she and I were almost statistics. So. No red shoes for me…..

  10. I thank you very much for the Lovely Blog award. Now you have me wanting to take snaps of my red shoes. I do look forward to your sense of humor with each post. “She said cooties!” snicker snicker
    ps. I’m a one R one i version of the name. Walking off singing “I gotta be meeeeeee!” lol

    • Oof! Excuse my misspelling!! You would think a person with a name as common as mine and spelled as many different ways would be more observant when I’m writing someone else’s. Mea culpa! (That’s Latin for My Cooties!)

      I will greatly enjoy seeing *your* red shoes if you let me! 🙂

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  12. Hey, I’ve just seen this post–thank you so very much, fellow lovely blogger. Cheers to loveliness and red shoes! In fact, today I am wearing what I refer to as my ‘magic purple shoes!’

    Now, is it standard protocol to pass on this One Lovely Blog Award, and would you mind filling me in on the rules if I wish to pass it along?

    Merci encore!

    • I didn’t get especially clear “rules” handed to me (hence my playing fast and loose with them), but as I understood it, we were to share some bits of personal information and then pass the award to some friends we wanted to honor and learn more about too. I didn’t even get a clear tally on the expected number of either facts or fellow bloggers, as each blog that had previously received this award seemed to interpret it differently too. So I’d recommend you do what suits you best!

      Meanwhile, you’ve got me thinking I might have to tell a story or two about the various adventures in my family having to do with *purple* shoes! So glad you have Magic ones!!

  13. Congratulations on your awards Kathryn, they are very well deserved.
    Thank you so much Kathryn for passing on the award to me, I am honored!
    I was very fond of red shoes as a kid, but now I only have one pair. I think I need more magic in my life 🙂

    • As you can see from Allison’s comment just above here, and my remark to Just Add Attitude, there are special shoes in all colors! In keeping with her name, I’d say it really is all about Attitude. I can tell from your blog that you are capable of making a whole lot of different kinds of magic! 🙂

    • I shan’t spoil any specifics, I know, if I say that Hank continues to be just as ingenious with self-destructive behavior as ever! And I’m very glad to recognize your wonderful work in your blog, my dear!

  14. Thank you, my dear child Kathryn, for placing my name alongside yours on the One Lovely Blog Award list. This place called WordPress is a lovely place, indeed, with contributors like you; nice red shoes, especially the really, really high ones…

    P.S. DD couldn’t hold a candle to CG or TS or JD, not necessarily in that order. Can you guess who CG, TS & JD might be?

    • In *my* world, that’d be Cary Grant, Terence Stamp and . . . hmmm, not sure I’d pick a particular JD, though I’d be inclined to guess James Dean or Johnny Depp, depending on the vintage. No slouches, those, either, just not as much my personal cuppa.

      And, darlin’, you are entitled to wear the highest heeled red shoes you can climb into if you like!! Because you *do* have One Lovely Blog.

  15. Dear Kathryn, I love your red shoes! I have never owned any, but maybe I’ll have to “step out of the box” and buy some! Although, mine would be flats! Last time I wore heals was about 25 years ago! 🙂 I also have to say that I am “flabbergasted” by your extremely kind words about me! You’re too kind, really! You’re also very deserving of all your awards! Just through blogging, I have grown to know you are a kind, lovely person with an exceptionally awesome sense of humor! I love it! Hugs to you, my friend! xx

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