The ABCs of Me, Episode 3

The Awesome Blog Content Award,Β Courtesy of HRH ‘Nessa of the Stronghold, requires that I provide you with an entire alphabet of Me-itude in response, so in order to prevent your eyes from snapping back in your head like the cylinders in a slot machine and your brain going into hibernation, I have subdivided the alphabet into three parts. I will reiterate only the award rules–to get the rest of my response to it you should head back to Episode 1–and share the second series of letters in today’s post.

Rules of this award:

1. Pass this on to unlimited fellow bloggers.

2. Share some things about you, using the alphabet.


R is for Rascal

Rascal, riffraff or rapscallion, I’m not such a naughty Nell,
but I am enough subversive that I think the faintest smell
of a smokescreen is escaping with me on my escapades;
hope nobody’s looking closely ’til I up and close the shades.
Smithereens and splinters and microscopic mites
are all that’s left of language when I’ve mangled it in verse
and twisted it and tangled it and murdered it; by rights,
I should be stopped from writing, for it’s only getting worse.
Tangential thinking takes my mind
and leaves my plots and plans behind
to visit wildly different fields
and see what each new tangent yields.
Uxoriated by my man I be, if any woman can,
but never fear, I shan’t abuse by whipping him whom I did choose
as much as he chose me, for I would fain have no one else nearby,
since his uxorious love for me remains a perfect mystery.
Volare Wagon, with your fine faux-paneled sides,
the way your heavy-duty shocks put such smooth-gaited glides
on my great cache of tools; how virile your slant six
that took me where no other car could do such tricks!
Why, O Why? The question best to ask
no matter what the moment or the task,
for none can learn the magicks life brings by
more quickly than the man who questions Why.
Xeriscape my garden–that’s the mandate I have got
for making up the most of every inch of my small plot
in weather short of water and in heat too high for hope
except if I can make dry art upon my garden’s slope.
Yikes! is such a handy shout
when trial and trouble are about,
when great surprise occurs–and when
I’m overjoyed, now and again!


Z is for Zymurgy

Zymurgy–musical, this word,
whose other music we have heard
when from the tap a creamy head
yields cheers for joys from A to Zed.
ABC Blog Award Logo

The End. You’ve survived, my friends! Hope I haven’t worn out my welcome in home, laptop and email inbox, but I trust you all know where the Delete button is by now. Forthwith, Back to Our Scheduled Programming. Whatever that is! Tomorrow will tell.

35 thoughts on “The ABCs of Me, Episode 3

  1. Mangled and Tangled? I think not! You are a Wordsmith of the most erudite variety! This was a fun list, Kathryn. You know, you are the only person I know who could, or would, make such beautiful poetry of an A to Z list like this. No wonder I admire you so! β™₯

    • And I, you, for your incredibly well-read gift of finding just the right poetry for just the right photos–and vice versa–and then topping it all with your own inimitable prose to create such rich tapestries of posts that visiting is like eating dessert all the time. I’m glad you’ve had some fun with this set of silliness. πŸ™‚

  2. BRAVO BRAVO! This was such an amazing ‘series’! I would’ve liked to take up the award, too, but after reading yours, I think I’ll recoil and stay quiet so I don’t look like a complete wimp next to you! πŸ˜‰

    • Being sensible is rarely my special gift, but it happens that sometimes my innate laziness makes me divvy up large tasks into slightly more manageable bite sizes. ‘Scuse me, I need to go find a hammock somewhere to recline in for a bit. πŸ˜‰ You, my dearest, are dauntless! But just think: if you want, you can make 26 whole posts out of the English alphabet, no? πŸ™‚

    • I was going to put Zipper in for the finale, because the so-named amusement park ride was code for my sisters and me about what we wanted to do with women who were impossibly beautiful, smart and talented: ‘put her on the Zipper and leave the door open’. Probably not the kindest alphabet ender, where a nice cold beer seems like a fine end to the episode. πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh, my Tangential mind at first thought, “Weeee, R is for… um licorice”.. a bit daft tonight, I’m afraid I’m seeing candy/food everywhere!! I think you are a Rascal for slipping knotting the letter R where one should only see licorice!! Yikes… I have to google Zymurgy because I think it has to do with beer?? Ahhh… food will be my downfall… I shall have to Uxoriate myself and be whipped with black licorice until my mind stops wandering to food… xoxo Smidge
    ps Unbelievable mind and way with words that you could accomplish an 26 set of verses like this!! This would blow my own attempt to Smithereens!!!

  4. This was so acrobatic, and so wild, that I stood at the sidelines, following it, but unable to speak. I congratulate you now, for meeting the challenge, but must add that I prefer your dances on your own initiative, or when inspired, rather than forced to meet the challenge, no matter how successfully. Congratulations, Kathryn.

    • It really sounds like it should be the proper name of an alien, maybe in a Douglas Adams piece, don’t you think? I suppose if one drinks, or even makes, enough beer s/he might possibly be in danger of becoming an alien . . . or just seeming like one.

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