Virtual Queen of All I Survey

I’ve already told you that I am in reality an empress: the Empress of the Ordinary. And that that is not only, in my mind, a good thing and no insult or self-deprecation at all, but also something that I have learned to appreciate and cultivate over the years. In addition to that, I have learned here in the ether that I am another fine sort of royalty: the kind of royalty that is conferred by generous and gracious friends. One of my favorite tokens or badges of such worth is of course the marvelous and sometimes delightfully over-the-top supportive, helpful and complimentary comments I receive here on my posts and the companion ‘chat’ of thoughtful, responsive conversations I get to hold with friends over at their blog homes.

Another sign of my acquired dignity here in Bloglandia is the wondrous array of blog awards handed to me by my blogging friends. It took me some time to figure out that, unlike some other kinds of awards, I need not have earned them in some way with outlandish personal achievements or superhuman qualities, because they are gifts. I am Versatile, Appreciated, Liebster, Educational, Lovely, a Candle Lighter, a producer of Awesome Content, Kreativ, Sunshiny, Stylish, Inspiring and Sweet not by birth or accomplishment but because my friends have designated me so, have named me so.

So I acknowledge these latest halo handouts that have been granted me by the magnanimous Mandy, lavish Lauren and noble ‘Nessa with a full heart (not to mention trophy-case!) and I hope, still being honest or modest enough to understand that my worth is found in the kind hearts of others, not in all of these admittedly shiny and impressive titles they give me to reflect that kindness. For a little fun, I am posting, along with the representations of those awards not previously dwelling on my blog’s sidebar, photos of myself as I have attempted to measure up to them over the years.

Sunshine Award Logo image


I have not always been Little Miss Sunshine, as anyone can tell you, but here I was at Auntie Ingeborg's, practicing; if ever there was a person who practiced the deliberate art of being sunshiny and inspired others to try it on for size, it was Auntie.

Stylish Blogger Award logo image


Once I was invited to a gallery opening whose invitation instructed all attendees to put on their best "Sleaze-Gauche" look for the occasion. I had a lot of fun thrift shopping, and outfitted myself quite completely for a very respectably tiny sum.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo image


Never mind being Inspiring, just being Inspired isn't always easy. I have to admit to having occasionally attempted to acquire the latter state by artificial means. Of course, this was before graduate school, where we all learn to be perpetually inspired and inspiring (insert sound of raucous snorts of laughter here)!

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award logo image


I could just kiss you all for being so sweet to me. But since we're at some distance from each other, I'll have to settle for the proxy of my Gravatar smooch planted on the lovely door-guardian camel at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, a place on which I also happen to be sweet.

36 thoughts on “Virtual Queen of All I Survey

  1. Hahaha, this was the best response to receiving well-deserved awards that I’ve seen thus far! I can always count on your creativity to take something to the next level.. I really enjoyed seeing these photos of you!!
    ps are those large pieces of cake in front of you at your auntie’s??
    xo Smidge

  2. Something about that second photo of you is screaming B-52’s at me! Could it be the dress, the pointy shoes, or could it be the facial expression that matches those of Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson the yellow cover of their title album? I know it isn’t the bouffant because you left that at home!
    But doggone it! You’re a cutie patootie in every single one of them!

    • Ha! I have to agree about the B-52’s resemblance. Didn’t think of it at the time, or I might well have gone in search of a beehive wig (my hair was already too short to manage such an art form by then) before the big shindig. Glad you enjoyed all of my glamor shots. πŸ™‚

  3. What a creative gracious way to say thank you! Enjoyed the pics! It is obvious that you have a lot of spirit just like your writing! Love the “acquired dignity here in Bloglandia.”

  4. Wonderful post, Kathryn; you are so creative with the English language, I am in awe, truly! And you are very deserving, so congratulations, again! Hugs! By the way, your photos are wonderful and your childhood photo is adorable! Oh, and kissing the camel, love it! πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of yourself, Kathryn. I thoroughly enjoyed them… and as for what you said, it is always a pleasure to hear a bit of sanity here in blogland.

  6. Great idea for a response…that Lightbulb – Too Much! Who *is* that uber-serious Child? And, how did she ever keep from cracking up long enough to take the pic?
    A delightful way to start the morning. Thanks!

    • If I remember right, I set up the camera across from the bedroom mirror so that I could have a hope of holding the bulb vertical while timing the shot. Pretty sure I *did* crack up in most of the attempts . . . πŸ™‚

  7. I read this last night and, as expected, I went off to bed bearing a smile. I saved writing this comment, though, just so that I could see your Auntie Fester one more time. Congratulations on these well-deserved awards, as well as for your unique response to them. And thank Auntie Fester for this morning’s smile, too! πŸ™‚

    • My ever-so-great Great Auntie is long since gone off to heaven, so I’m sure she heard your thanks herself, John! If she’s not too busy playing her old upright piano on whatever cloud is big enough to hold it. πŸ™‚

  8. Sleaze gauche? Ok, that is a new one and it has been added to the list of one of these days it will be used phrases. Congrats on the many awards and love the evolutionary pictures of you. Grad school – snicker snicker guffaw!

    • Graduate studies may not make geniuses out of many of us, but at the very least it ought to provide some memorable moments of entertainment, and that it *did*, for me. πŸ˜€

  9. Please, SOMEone tell me how ANYone could be more adorable, at any age, in any attire, than our endlessly creative, brilliantly word-some, contagiously sunny Kathryn!
    You K, are quite simply the Best! xoxo

  10. Well, then … this was about as cute as cute can get, and incredibly creative as well (no illustration required on the creative award, as anyone perusing your blog for even a few short moments would find an abundance of creativity). Adorable that you chose to share some photos, and thanks for adding some smiles to my day today. Especially wanna hug and squeeze the cuteness that is Little Miss Sunshine in all her yellow adorableness – I sure hope you still see her in the mirror, so that you can tell her how she grew up to be awesome!

    • You remind me of a slogan I’ve seen a few times that I think is excellent: “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” It’s neither particularly grammatical nor always practicable, but it tickles my funnybone all the same. And that *is* awesome. πŸ˜€

  11. What a pleasure it is to come here and to get to know more of you with those sweet photographs of yourself appropriately placed under the new awards you received. So original and so creative, a perfect rendition of who you truly are, Kathryn.

    • Light bulbs, chickens, fish, pencils, clocks, insects, bones . . . what I have is a thing for Things. And if I ever get a clue about why, I’ll fill you in, but all I can figure is it’s just another inexplicable quirk of my being. All part of my Cabinet of Curiosities, I guess. πŸ™‚

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