A Date with Heraclitus

We all have a certain number of fixed elements in the schedules of our lives. At least, we think we do. And most of the time, we manage to keep them in fair order and stick to them. That, in itself, is really rather near to miraculous.

Every one of you who has crashed breathlessly through the door at four seconds to ten for the 18th weekly meeting of your Steering Committee, after an epic morning battling with a cracked molar, a stuck zipper, a closed freeway exit and a sinkhole that opened directly under your reserved parking space–only to find last night’s emergency notice scrawled on the white board, informing everyone that the meeting had to be moved to the Annex back on the other side of town–you know what I’m talking about.


Well, I know why *that* Mourning Dove was crying . . .

Best laid plans, Ha! Old Reliable, Ho-ho-ho! Change happens, endlessly. Who am I to argue against the great philosopher who says so?

No matter how wizardly we are in arranging our lives, planning and organizing and arranging to the finest and most delicate degree of control, all of the skill and dedication in the world can’t stop the flow of life’s river from going where, when and how it will.

The good news is that despite the vicissitudes of our ever-changing reality. We manage, and we do so well enough most of the time that we can maintain the illusion, perhaps even the delusion, that we can predict and control our lives’ events for the most part. The very fact that things ‘gang aft agley‘ as they do keeps us on the alert and trains us to be flexible when we must, inventive when we can, and swift to recover when all else fails. Change, as we all must finally allow, is the only true constant.


Some days even the repair equipment is just not up to the task . . .

Now, should I post this today, I wonder? Or should I write another post and save this one for another day, when something comes up unexpectedly–and it will–and disrupts my plan for that day’s post? Always good to have a get-out-of-jail-free pass tucked in my back pocket, I should think . . .

12 thoughts on “A Date with Heraclitus

  1. And we are left to wonder…Did Kathryn just pull out her trump card, or write this for today?
    What maelstrom enveloped her, what perfect storm of circumstance?
    Or, is it just another day, with no more than the avaerage interruptions?
    Enquiring Minds want to know…

    • Dear Enquiring Mind! It happens that I *did* write this post directly on the day, specifically *because* I’d learned that my weekly Monday-midday appointment had been moved to later in the week, thus freeing up my late morning to write the post earlier than I’d originally expected. πŸ™‚

    • Having the cocktail in hand definitely enhances the thoughtful pose, and if it works for you as it does for me, alleviates any concern about missing so-called Important things and cuts them right back down to size. πŸ™‚

    • A pretty safe bet that a goodly percentage among my friends was also having One of Those Days right along with me! Hope it wasn’t too troublesome for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, what a smile this brought me! My spring online courses opened three hours late, today, throwing my schedule into complete disarray. My son’s soccer game started late today, causing us to be late for my daughter’s baseball game (arriving to which necessitated a cross-town bike ride through one of those neighbourhoods with ZERO numbered streets or avenues and a ridiculous number of crescents and closes). But when we got there? We got to see her hit the ball for the first time ever, and then field a ball for the first time ever, and all of that other crap just didn’t matter. Here’s to being late, Kathryn! And to those unexpected Get Out of Jail Free cards πŸ™‚

    • I’m fairly certain that anyone with a few youngsters trailing her is bound to have more of the unplanned-events-filled days than otherwise. Glad yours wrapped up with such great things!!

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