Magical Night & Mystic Day


One night I stood upon the green

And every nightingale a-wing

Stopped in the linden trees to sing,

A perfect choir though all unseen,

Encircling in the meadow’s crown—

Night-blooming flowers ‘round my feet

Reflected moonglow, and their sweet,

Sweet breath rose up as stars fell down

In meteor showers to earth because

Its beauty was so great, so dear,

They longed to draw the night sky near

To all this peacefulness that was—

And while I stood upon that lawn,

Aching with joy, with ecstasy

As sharp as ice and flame in me,

I woke full wide, and it was

The day that came up in that place

Made all the green-wood hum and quake

With quivering for pleasure’s sake,

At seeing the full sun’s clear face,

Yet, basking in the softest fall

Of constant rain, as mist, to fly

In colored arcs across the sky

And shower prisms on us all—

The birds of day joined in that hymn

And coaxed the foxes to the green,

Contented beasts not often seen

In sun, and as I stood, a slim

Grey foal came, too, and nine or ten

Of rabbits, and the beasts all danced,

And I stood still, transfixed—entranced—

And blinked my eyes, and it was night.digitally painted photo

12 thoughts on “Magical Night & Mystic Day

    • Thank you for coming by, Atticus! It looks to me like my slow-motion response means that you’ve already gotten some wonderful advice over at your place, but I’ll certainly try to check in on you from time to time as you go forward.

  1. Oh, Kathryn…that is so wonderful.
    These days, I feel like the adult Wendy…”Stop, Peter. Don’t waste your fairy dust on me…I’m OLD, eversomuch more than twenty. I grew up a long time ago…”
    I want to find a tiny piece of the fey child who see magic. Your poem is a compass, pointing me in her direction…
    Thank you.

    • I’ve no doubt at all that you are still quite full of magic, my dearest! And if it ever runs low, all you need is to look toward little Miss C and she’ll surely refuel your fairy dust tanks. 🙂

  2. Greens of grasses, Linden trees & other purple cabbage leaves; meteor showers create for all a cozy bower, rain shower; lovely KI, my oh! my…

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