San Francisco, Fabulous as Always

photoSince we arrived yesterday afternoon for a couple of days OFF (excuse my yelling it!) in San Francisco, a longtime favorite city of ours, I will keep it mighty simple today. If you’ve ever had the smallest opportunity to visit this great city, you have no need to know why we’re thrilled to be here again, even for a quick stop. Stupendous food everywhere you go, glorious scenery (in this case, enhanced by perfectly clear, sunny and warm but breezy weather), fantastic walking, gorgeous architecture of all sorts, beloved historic and tourist friendly sites and sights galore, and most of all, a deeply endearing mix of cultures and ages and backgrounds among the people that make the people here memorably friendly and thoughtful and just plain fun to live among, however

So we are off from our temporary digs, located just outside the gate of the wonderful SF Chinatown, to enjoy the beauties of this marvelous place. I can’t be sitting around clicking and nattering on the web when San Francisco is right outside my door, much as I love talking to you lovely friends. I’ll give you a few quick snapshots from our locale here and get out to stock up on lots more.photoHappy Sunday, my fine friends!photo

22 thoughts on “San Francisco, Fabulous as Always

  1. Happy Sunday indeed! SF is somewhere I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit (I know that was shouting too 🙂 ) so I’m looking forwward to your next set of photos and impressions

    • With your love for hilly terrain 😉 and good food and beautiful growing things and fantastic architecture, you will be entirely in your element when you get to SF, no question. I’ll be happy to accompany you if the need for an enthusiastic chaperon should arise!!

    • Isn’t it, though?! If we could afford the insanely, outrageously unreachable cost of living in the Bay Area we would surely have been tempted into it long ago. Good thing we’re spoiled enough to get at least a short visit every few years . . .

  2. Fancy this…I am just over the hill in Livermore. I was in heaven with the cool breeze that meet me at the airport in San Francisco. There are times I wssh I could/would move back home to California. I love wandering the city. I used to stay down on Union Square when visiting headquarters…..I have work planned for the the next few days in Concord then back to the airport on Wednesday evening…..My garden would love the weather on this side of the hill from the bay……I would love to have our paths cross but it is fun to see that we are neighbors for a few days!

    • Oh, I hope you’ve had a fantastic time!! Yes, it would be fun to cross paths at some point, somewhere! I suspect we’ll find ourselves swapping garden tales and such in person along the way, since we’re really not *all* that far apart at our respective homes. But, boy, is it fun to have those moments in the Bay area, meanwhile. We had nothing but spectacular weather the whole time, this trip–I think it might’ve hit 80 a couple of times, even, but it was always breezy and gorgeous, perfect for moseying and gawking. 🙂

  3. Enjoy your time OFF and fun in the city, Kathryn! S.F. is practically in my backyard and it is nice to be able to visit frequently! It’s like another world and I’m just now feeling more comfortable driving around in some parts…we usually play tourists at Pier 39, have picnics at Chrissy Field, walk along the Embarcadero, delight in chocolate treats at Ghirardelli Square and of course, walk across the Golden Gate…oh by the way, I’m waving! Have fun! xx

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    • Even when it’s far too long between visits there are places that have a strong grip on the heartstrings–and not just the proven heart-stealer SF! Yes, we had a marvelous time.

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