Home and Deranged

photoA Particular Kind of Homesickness

The road we ride is an old back road, a highway that goes nowhere fast,

and as we drive and drift and dream, we see the present meet the past,

the way that it has always done from cities to the countryside,

the way we know that history recycles us, and far and wide,

we all return to what we’ve known and circle back to home and hearth

whether together or alone, to best-loved places on the earth.

Is it just crazy, that we long to find ourselves in Mama’s arms,

in childhood’s safety, in our fondest corner of our homes, our farms,

our gardens, houses, classrooms, fields? Is this insanity, or just

finding our life and hope and heart in best-loved places, as we must?

Return to rooted, distant loves, become simplicity and grace,

and find the fields of gold we seek in each his own familiar place.photo

15 thoughts on “Home and Deranged

    • Portraits taken about 20 minutes from home. Another episode of ‘pull over! Pretties ahead!’ with my accommodating chauffeur-spouse indulging my penchant for beauty-gazing.

    • Thank you for coming over, BeeBee! I’m happy to have met you (and great thanks to Subhan for the kind shout-out!). Looking forward to getting to know your work, too. All best,

    • They are superb. There’s a farm in the area here that breeds *miniature* longhorns (which as you can imagine are outlandishly cute)–one of these days I’d love to see if they’d let me (and my li’l ol’ camera) come visit them. 🙂

  1. Aah “as we drive and drift and dream, we see the present meet the past, the way that it has always done from cities to the countryside ” the sense of feeling when you finally drive along a familar road, or sit on a train watching a well know known countryside – the sense of return is a pleasure

    • Ain’t they beauts? It’s very rare, though I stop and ogle longhorns whenever I get the opportunity, that they’ll actually *look* my way long enough for me to get a snap–these, like most, were arranged with their fellows (Long-fellows?) around the hay rack, so their attention was primarily very elsewhere too but they took pity on me, or at least I annoyed them enough to get them to look!

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