Will You Sing in My Stead?

graphite drawingWhen I can Sing No More

When I am weary, worn beyond all reckoning,

My breath is gone and voice has ceased to sound,

The darkness draws me in, its silence beckoning

And luring me to lie down on the ground–

To fall asleep; perhaps to melt there into death,

Because I can no longer coax my throat

To speak of joy, or yet to longer draw a breath,

To sing a song as long as one fine note–

Beloved Friend, how sweet if you will stand for me

And draw the air that lifts the lark to wing

Its way across the sky–if you will kindly be

My voice, and raise your own aloft and sing–

For in my silent darkness I shall never die

Long as your voice goes on and in your song I lie.

4 thoughts on “Will You Sing in My Stead?

  1. Like most of us, I’ve lost a few friends far too early in their lives and today’s verse has special meaning for me. It’s not enough to remember them. One needs to live Life to its fullest, as surely they would do if given the chance.

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