Seasonal Happiness

photoFarm Land

Few things can match the beauty of

Black soil that’s newly tilled

And redolent of things to come

As soon as March’s chilled

Cold heart has given up his hold

And April’s warmth begun

To set the life-renewing pulse

Of earth under her montage

10 thoughts on “Seasonal Happiness

  1. A great description of the shift into Spring. I grew up in farm country and the freshly turned dark soils and the smell of the earth still brings pleasant memories. Your photos of the Chard at the bottom of the post brought smiles……I am overwhelmed with Chard right now!

    • My patch of chard is tiny but prolific. Thankfully, it’s a great Universal Donor sort of ingredient, supporting and complementing others wonderfully well. Hmmm, do I sense a lunch plan coming into my head???

    • I’ve heard it’s been quite cold and rainy up there still (mostly)–and here, it’s been everything from nearly 90 degrees down to last night’s record-setting near freezing temperature. ????!!!!! And I thought Washington weather was the most unpredictable. 🙂 Love to you and Mike!!

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