Foodie Tuesday: The Peas that Refresh Us

digital illustration/textThis post may require some appeasement on my part. I do, however, excuse this peas piece by saying that I genuinely love eating good sweet peas. Raw or cooked, cold or hot, plain or in a well prepared recipe, green peas are a treat no matter how they tickle my funny bone. That they have nutritive value is merely a bonus.


Smashed Green Peas make a smashing spread when lightly steamed, mixed with butter, orange zest and juice and a touch of salt and cayenne. Of course if you want them to be truly smashed you can add a dash of orange liqueur, too. If you drink most of the liqueur yourself it is *you* who will be smashed.

9 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: The Peas that Refresh Us

    • Oh, mushy peas are delicious when prepared with a light hand (I seem to recollect that my favorites were actually at the cafe at the Tate Modern, buttery and minty and very fresh). But as I said, I’m a fan of many sorts. The only kind I’ve never quite become friends with are tinned peas, which all taste like, well, the *tin* to me and seem to have lost all of their substance by the time they’re processed.

  1. Some years ago there was a vogue for a bumper sticker that said “Visual World Peace.” After that became popular, another one appeared that said “Visualize whirled peas.”

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