But I can Still Count All of My Toes (Through the Holes in My Socks)

graphite drawingTraveling at Speed

When I was just a little tad

And full of zest and vim

I never thought the day would come

When eyesight could grow dim

And hair fall out, and memories

Impossible to keep,

Or that my middle would go soft

Or I would fall asleep

Just trying to sit through the news,

But couldn’t sleep at night,

Get creaky and arthritic

And develop underbite,

But, over and above these things,

No way would I have guessed

The day would pounce so suddenly,

So early. I’m depressed!

7 thoughts on “But I can Still Count All of My Toes (Through the Holes in My Socks)

    • Hmmm, *my* middle is pressing against my waistband, too. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll keep operating on the basis of thinking that if everything is best done in moderation, then moderation should be acted out moderately too. Can you hear my happy piggy snuffles from up there??? 🙂

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