Regaining My Memory

photoAntique Finishes

The lovely grain of quartersawn oak

With age’s silk patina glows

And hints of many-storied lives

And past events nobody knows;

The ghosts and gossips of days gone

Are whispered in the cupboards’ glassed

Door fronts; the table’s curving legs

Bespeak its long, mysterious past;

In the looking-glass, the passage

Of the hours and years is blurred

By antiquity’s sweet singing

All the stories ever heard,

By the voices of the missing,

Of the dead departed wealth

That once filled these halls with magic,

Now reached only late, by stealth.

If antiquity should call me,

Siren-like, to take a look,

Once more in my soul I’ll draw it

From the pages of a book . . .photo

9 thoughts on “Regaining My Memory

  1. Oh my Goodness – what have you done to us, my friend 🙂 🙂 can we send our postal address to you so that you can ship those incredible books to us (sadly, only joking!!!) Are they yours, Kathryn and the Violine?? Jo and I are collecting books, old old ones preferred. Thanks for the visual treat. Carina

    • Yes, I am a vintage book lover (in both senses of the phrase!) myself, but those particular ones were just a set I admired and photographed in a shop, having neither the cash nor the shelf space for them at the moment! I try to take pictures of such lovelies so that I can at least have fond memories of ‘meeting’ them. Same with beautiful instruments–since I hang out with so many musicians I get occasional urges to document the exquisite tools of the trade, remembering through my pictures both the visual and the aural joys. So glad you enjoyed them, too, my friend!

  2. Nothing will ever replace a real book … especially the olden ones, with their bindings so seductive to the eye and touch …

    So many stunning lines here, Kathryn … I have shared on my Facebook author page … hope that is ok! XO

    • Thank you, dearest, you know I have given you carte blanche. Weren’t those pretty books, then? Wish I’d had a better excuse to adopt them, but at least I got to enjoy them in the shop. 🙂

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