Frozen Assets and Fallen Heroes

digital illustrationSad Story All Around

Sylvester from Sylvania, magnificent skier and scout,

Went off to explore the slopes one day, but the minute that he was out,

His girlfriend Sylvia opened the door to another particular friend,

And I needn’t tell you that soon enough, they all came to a tragic end,

For Sylvester’d forgotten it was late spring and roots sticking out of the snow

Tripped him at top speed; with a nasty fling he crashed to the gorge below;

Meanwhile, back home, Sylvia and Sid were having a high old time

‘Til Sydney’s wife showed up with a knife, and that’s the end of this rhyme.

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10 thoughts on “Frozen Assets and Fallen Heroes

  1. Wonderful, Kathryn, and I never was a downhill skier! I tried it once with a girl friend when I was a teen and that was the last time. I loved water skiing, though, level sports, I might add! 🙂 Although, from my last post, we did a lot of sledding and tobogganing, which had a fair amount of thrills! xoxo

    • I’ve loved (though without being particularly skillful!) cross-country skiing and snowshoeing the few times I’ve gotten to go, but my little attempts at downhill were even further in the misty past than yours. 😉

  2. On a plane trip home from Colorado, no less than 80% of passengers, bound in casts or worse, confirmed this reader’s commitment to buttered rum by the fire at the lodge…

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