Ultimatum in a Kindly Voice

From cavernous frog-hollow bogs and willow darkened border ponds, from spiky sun tied down in strands of those explosive irises so wild that they spread right over the water as unharmed as magic fire; from restive ducks and cat-sprung goldfinches among the blackberry vines and the easement’s stripling trees and soughing weeds; from these—from all—comes in the dawn a rustling, chuckling dance and clatter, and a call to come to morning, to rise up, come and fly: Move out! Move on!


8 thoughts on “Ultimatum in a Kindly Voice

    • Seems to me it was you who once told me about a beautiful old graveyard near your place–somehow this abandoned building Richard and I came by at the very end of the day had a certain similarly sweet and wistful air of decay. In any case, it pulled at my heartstrings.

    • Nope, highly doctored because it was shot with a regular exposure in almost complete darkness, but all seen essentially as shown. I guess you can see why I wanted the shot even though it was ridiculous to try it with my exceedingly limited camera skills!

    • It was such a stop-in-your-tracks sight that even though we passed it on our drive out of town, and even though it was almost pitch dark when we returned, I made Richard stop there so I could take a few blind shots just to see whether I could capture any of its allure. 🙂

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