Squirrelly Behavior

photoSquirrelly, Now and Formerly

Pipkin was a rascal lad who disobeyed his mom and dad

Pestered his teachers, pinched the girls

Among the young chipmunks and squirrels

And threw hard acorns from the trees at passing mice and birds and bees

He chewed on rafters, jambs and screens

Teased babies, oldsters, in-betweens

Stole in through windows left ajarβ€”

Alas! Could not outrun a car.photo

8 thoughts on “Squirrelly Behavior

  1. I have always said to my husband I want a squirrel and a giraffe to complete our family – can you just imagine! Best we get both of each then. Haa haa,
    Have a beautiful weekend dear.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy xo

  2. My Nemesis, The Squirrel, looks very much like the one pictured in your post. I’d post the photo in my yard with “Wanted” stamped across the bottom but the darn thing would probably tear it down and use it as a blanket as he picnics on my tomatoes. Stoopid squirrel.

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