Halloween can Drive You Batty

photophoto + textReal Vampires Never had it so Good

Dracula had an excellent agent,

Publicist extraordinaire,

Selling the masses on his glamour

And his wicked savoir-faire;

Modern undead rock-star heroes

Fascinate and rake the bucks,

But for ordinary vampires,

Sans PR-men, life still sucks—

We’re just rodents to the public,

Flying hair-snags, guano kings,

Rabies-ridden, squeaking, dog-faced,

Lots of other rotten things,

Never mind we were the first,

The inspiration for the rest—

Love to give usurping phonies

Juicy stakes for every pest,

Take back our eternal midnight,

Sip the hemoglobin wine,

Fatten up our hard-earned bloodlines,

Back in place as night’s divine.photo

14 thoughts on “Halloween can Drive You Batty

    • It was wonderfully quiet here! We have very few children even living in our neighborhood, and I guess those all go to other neighborhoods with more youthful constituencies for trick-or-treating! We didn’t hear a peep.

    • Every day is its own sort of Halloween when I can look in the mirror and see someone less and less familiar! Age does seem to have a variety of adventures in store for me. 😉

    • We can always count on the Count. Ooh, that reminds me of the fabulous Count von Count of Sesame Street–‘ONE! One poem about vampires! TWO! Two bat wings flapping in the night breeze!!’ 😉

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