Reading the Classics or Writing Them…

There’s this little spot inside my skull that gets kind of itchy. Pretty sure it’s not dandruff, seeing as how that’s usually external, from what I’ve heard. Can’t be an excess of brains, something no one’s accused me of having in that nice cobwebby attic of mine.

I think it’s a bit of me that wants to Make Stuff. Specifically, to write things. I can’t say there’s any legitimate or meaningful purpose to this writing, or even the slightest logic to the motivational itch. But I montageWhether any of the scribblings comes to fruition beyond becoming letter-shaped specks on the ethereal pages of my blog or typed or scrawled word-like objects spilled all over my notebooks, concert programs, receipts, paper towels and shoebox lids–further polish or publication remains to be seen. Memorable, respected or classic status is improbable to within the neighborhood of outrageous fantasy.

But I’m a first-class fantasist at heart, after all. By my own admission. photo montageMeanwhile, several friends whose work I respect have put their longtime writing itches to good purpose and published, recently. I’ve been writing to scratch my inner itch for a number of years now. If I’m going to make anything out of it other than random scratching I suppose I had better take heart from my predecessors’ bravery and get serious about putting my writing into something a little more challenging and concrete than my lifelong style of clinging to the safety of the familiar land of personal sharing and blogging.


Time to suck it up and nerve myself. I suppose I should warn all of you to shore up your own nerve as well. It seems that this particular kind of itch might well be both dangerous and montage

12 thoughts on “Reading the Classics or Writing Them…

  1. My dear, you were made for such as this! There’s no question in my mind. And we, your legion of friends and fans, enamored readers, are urging you onward…you can DO this…for you were made curious, animated, brilliant and a stringer of pearly words! Scratch that itchy spot. Write for us, and You! xxX

    • I guess now I shall have to consider salving my rash with a sincerer attempt to get to print (digital or concrete or both).
      Eek, I’m scared! I’ll think of you as being here holding my hand through the process, if you don’t mind too much. 🙂

        • Every step of your own processes that you share in your blog is a great help to me, in inspiration, instruction and encouragement, and I thank you for it!

        • And if you had something together for publication, I would be very happy to introduce you to my publisher, All Things That Matter Press. (The only downside is that they won’t publish anything with color images – well, not in actual hard copy print, as the costs are so prohibitive). And thank YOU for all the encouragement and inspiration you have given me! XO ♥

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