Persistent Admirers

digital illustrationLeave the Help at Home

Off she went to see the market, basket full of goods and greens,

And the fond companions with her came to see the market’s scenes,

Prancing, dancing, baying, barking, nipping at her head and heels;

By the time they neared the city, all beset by crowds and wheels,

She her petticoats beribboned had all stained and soiled and torn;

Hat askew and heels unbuckled, basket broken, cob and corn

Strewn, her lettuces and flowers flung amain, and so she sat

In the rutted road’s dry scours, in the dust, and that was that–

No point now to going onward to the market if she would,

Dog and pony show now ended (at the least, that part was good)–

Then the animals felt sorry for the chaos and the mess,

Made a show to make her cheery, give her back her happiness.

Nothing mended for the market, recompense for not a sou,

But she smiled at how they capered, no more anger and to-do,

And they picked up, swift and swishing, tails and coattails all a-sway,

Backward home, though she was wishing it had gone another way;

To the market back, tomorrow, she would go to sell her wares,

But avoid her current sorrow,

Locking up those pranks of theirs!

5 thoughts on “Persistent Admirers

  1. Oh I love this Kathryn! And the illustration is exquisite! The whole of it is a beautiful short story which Im sure my grandchildren would love me to read while they look at the picture.

    I dont know what happened but I think WP has been playing silly Billy as I clicked the follow button when I first found your blog and haven’t had anything in my inbox at all! However, I have now clicked again and hope this is rectified 😊.

    • Thank you, Christine! I take it as a high honor to have my work shared with grandchildren!!

      I hope WP is behaving better–I did get a notice of your subscription now, which seems like a good sign. 😀 Welcome here!


  2. Love, love your poetry/story. One of these years when I retire, I’ll probably dabble in writing of some sort. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Richard — Linda Strube.

    • Thank you, Linda! How sweet of you to stop by and say hi. Hope you had a lovely T-day–we had our turkey on Wednesday and a day of very welcome Nothingness on Thursday! Pretty perfect. 😉 All best, friend! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

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