P&I drawingWhat does it mean to repress or suppress others? We humans have found so many awful and horrific ways to abuse and torment each other, to subjugate and enslave, belittle and diminish and depersonalize them, that homicide and genocide seem afterthoughts, if not almost a mercy at times.

What do we demean or demolish when we do so to other people? Community. Diversity. Complexity. All of those things that enrich our own lives. Things, indeed, that make our survival possible. We become trees hacking at our own roots and branches, all the while drinking toxic rain and poisonous streams.

If we lessen or lose one life, the whole tribe hangs in the balance. If we lose one tribe, we risk the loss of all humanity.

9 thoughts on “Self-Annihilation

  1. the race to extinction, imagine the bee’s, holed up for the winter, wondering who will help, the three year old child hoping help will arrive, imagine the excuses we come up with to justify it all, and the pithy changes we make, just to look sincere, amazing what we take for granted, amen, we don’t need volunteers, we need real change, too easy to hire a therapist, amen

  2. I agree with your logic. The planet is becoming smaller. Media make us feel the effect of things 5,000 miles away. The world is large and some places education is hard to get. Easy to suppress people who don’t know better.

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