The Time is Out of Joint

digital illustrationDo you ever feel like something unnatural or supernatural has taken hold and everything around you is suddenly unfamiliar and not what you’d always known it to be? That chaos reigns and confusion is dimming the lights and obscuring everything useful and meaningful from your sight? Do you have those times, too, when you may be quite sure that this will all pass and the atoms of your universe will subtly shift back into the places where you expect them to dwell but that for the moment, what should seem normal and clear and knowable to you is utterly inscrutable and bizarre and impossibly at odds?

Have you noticed, as I do remember to notice eventually, how often this happens around holidays and tax time?

Yeah, I thought so.

8 thoughts on “The Time is Out of Joint

    • Believe me, Christmas shopping got a *lot* easier when my siblings and I agreed to stop exchanging gifts and just spend time together on those rare occasions when we can! It costs enough to get cross-country (or -ocean) that we’re all grateful simply to have our loved ones make the trek. πŸ˜€ Your Christmases, I can easily see from your blog, are far more thoughtfully ‘done up’ in fabulous decor and exquisite foods and such than mine are, as well, so I have a very simple set of puzzles to solve once I get the dinner/party gatherings of various kinds sorted (or nearly so). πŸ˜‰

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