The aliens are very disappointed in us. If we wreck all the prettiness of the planet and use up all its treasures, what’ll be left for them to conquer and acquire?

Of course, this might seem like motivation for us pusillanimous pigs to keep trashing the earth–eliminate everything desirable and we’ll never be attacked by aliens who want it.

Except that even in our dullest-witted science fiction, we tend to acknowledge that alien races not only might be light years smarter and more advanced than we are, they probably also have different needs and desires than ours.

So they might just be sad because we haven’t managed to wipe ourselves out quite yet, meaning that they’ll still have cleanup to do when they arrive.

Marauding and usurpation are just as much hassle as ever. Unless we perfect self-annihilation as quickly as our present rate would seem to presage.

Do aliens smile?digital illustration

6 thoughts on “Alienation

  1. Well, I’m smiling and I probably shouldn’t be, but you have a knack, Kathryn! Great post, yet, sadly true. I worry about our planet and even if everyone does a little bit to help out, will it be enough? I worry how things will be for my kids and generations after them…there’s enough worry to make my head spin, which is why I try not to worry! 🙂 xoxo

    • Please *don’t* worry your pretty head over-much–if it spun, after all, people might suspect *you* were an alien. You might be a little under that suspicion already given your hanging out with me. 😉

      I think we all have to do our little bit, keep studying what’s next to do, and then let it go. The universe was around and kicking long before us and will very possibly continue to do so no matter what our generation does or doesn’t accomplish. 🙂


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