Her Misbehavior, as Seen in a Slightly Foxed Mirror

Oops! I outfoxed myself. I was so distracted by the odd weather we’ve been having here lately and all of the ways it’s unexpectedly altered our calendar and our plans (though my birthday came today right on schedule, wink-wink) that I completely forgot last night to put up the day’s post. So I did it today. A two-fer. Just to remind all of you how much I love you. Thank you for your patience. I may be getting a little absent-minded in my old age, but I still think the world of y’all. Happy two-post day!


The vixen, when she deigns to leave her den,

May have designs on other vixens’ men,

For, little as I know the ways of foxes,

I know they don’t like being kept in boxes

But rather like the freedom just to roam

To any den, if it should look like home,

And any male they’d like to have as mate–

Beware the vixen’s wiles, ere it’s too late!digital illustration


14 thoughts on “Her Misbehavior, as Seen in a Slightly Foxed Mirror

    • Thank you, Tig, I’ll gladly look forward to many more! Dad reminded me that I’m just slipping over the edge of what could possibly, literally, be construed as true middle age, and of course I’d only think it charming to make it to 106 if I could do so with relative autonomy and in good health. He can get away with smart remarks, being not only Dad but also that much older than me. πŸ˜‰ In any case, it seems to be the start of yet another fun and fascinating year!

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