Is the Sound of My Voice Bugging You?

digital illustrationDrone

I’m not a soldier or a bee, but when I’m passing through

You might mistakenly think me a drone, for what I do,

More than a bagpipe ever did, is blow and bloviate

And buzz so much–I do not kid–you’ll wish the kinder fate

Of early death, deafness at least, enveloping with fog

Your tender soul, until it’s ceased–my tedious monologue.

7 thoughts on “Is the Sound of My Voice Bugging You?

    • Actually, I enjoy a good bagpiper’s work very much. I treated it cruelly purely for poetic extension of the drone theme. I’ll try to make a pro-bagpipe poem one of these days for karmic reasons! 😉

  1. Once, at a Cubs game, behind us sat a young woman whose voice sounded like a lovable cartoon teddy bear. By the end of the game, we were betting who among us would break first and strangle her. To this day, though I have no recollection of her other than that voice, I remember her boyfriend/companion and wonder if they’re still together.

    • Har har har, you made me laugh so hard I almost strangled *myself*! Boy, there are some Voices out there that never let go of our ears…kind of like LBJ with his dog’s ears, maybe. 😉

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