I Made a Wreath

I did make a wreath, really–well, two. And as usual, they got a little more complicated and veered from the original plans all along the way, and the wreaths sort of made themselves, with a little elbow grease from me. That does seem to be my modus operandi most of the time, doesn’t it. I like to think of myself as an artist and the chief inventor in my colorful little universe, but when I’m being honest with myself, it’s more like I’m the cheap labor. Once the particular puzzles announce themselves to me, I may be able to offer the valuable skill of problem solving to make them possible (or as nearly so as I can), along with the effort required to bring them into existence, but in truth I’m often as surprised by the end product as anybody.P&IThat’s not entirely what I meant to say in this little post, of course. What I intended was to say that my time among you makes me think wreath-making a particularly purposeful thing to do, regardless of its utility or lack thereof as an object. Because to me, they represent all of the good and cheerful things contained in holidays and celebrations, and bring fine and flexible attractions to the decoration of home and garden. But further, and more significant in this difference to me, a wreath is a way to publicly express personal happiness through a small creative act. I make no claim that this is deep stuff. It’s a small pleasure and a minor artistic outlet, a rather insignificant creation even among the doings of a humbly insignificant artist. But as a token of well-being, contentment and hope, and no less, a mark of my understanding that I am privileged to feel all of those and know that I do so in large part thanks to the fine company I keep, this is enough cheering reason for me to make such playful little artworks, and even make artworks about making the artworks. Odd, I know, but in that alone, well suited to represent me too.digital illustrationI confess, silly as it is, it kind of leaves me wreathed in smiles just thinking about it.

14 thoughts on “I Made a Wreath

  1. Would that I had an ounce of creativity so that I could make a wreath, Kathryn. With no forests nearby, I’d have to buy the limbs, boughs, or whatever you call them, not to mention pine cones, holly, and whatever else is needed. Then, once assembled and hung on my door, passers-by will think there’s a 6 year-old living here. I’ll buy my wreaths, thank you, but even that has its pitfalls. You see, I bought 2 wreaths last week. Being I’d bought quite a bit of pea gravel at the time, rather than bring the wreaths into the house, I placed them on a table on the deck while I unloaded and spread the gravel. I forgot about the wreaths. It snowed that night, after a spell of freezing rain. My wreaths, now one, are frozen to the table. I’m hoping for a pre-Christmas thaw.

    • Whoa. You’ve invented the Frozen Double Wreath. I can’t lay claim to anything that original. As for the artistry of 6-year-olds, they’re pretty hard experts to beat anyhow. Getting to that level is nothing to sniff at, so hold your head high, Signore. πŸ˜‰

  2. I like your wreath and I just love your comment that it leaves you wreathed in smiles…brilliant.
    I love art for arts sake and love the way to talk about art (how many times can I say art?) πŸ˜‰
    I could download your wreath and hang it on my door, my cyber wreath. o.k. I am being silly…you helped me in my happy mood and of course it is the silly season. Fun and happy creating to you.

    • Thank you so much! Feel free to say Art, Art, ART as many times as you like! You know *I* won’t object in the least. Feeling silly? You’re in the right place, my dear lady. πŸ˜€

  3. What a lovely seasonal post Kathryn, with lots in it to think about, and a gorgeous wreath!

    I have no idea what’s happening with WP but it says Im following you and yet here I am visiting you on the offchance as I hadnt received notifications and presumed you must have posted. I appear to have missed lots! Maybe if I sign up again it will work. So Im sorry to have missed some of your recent entries.

    Have a lovely Christmas and I hope the coming year will bring peace and contentment for you. πŸŽ„

    • Well, I hope you’ve been able to solve the WP mystery, dear Christine. I’ve had a few times with losing my subscriptions to various blogs in the past for no known reason as well, but so far, every time I *re*-suscribe it seems to stick. In any case, I’m very happy whenever you manage to get here! I hope that you had a marvelous Christmas with, too, and may 2014 be full of joy and beauty all through for you and your loved ones.

  4. Hello darling, yes I’m wreathed in smiles. But your words ” It’s a small pleasure and a minor artistic outlet” encourage me and speak to me – those minor moments in our lives when you think YESSSS! Life’s little pleasures.
    Just popping in to wish you some Christmas cheer and wishing you a splendid New Year my friend x

    • Oh, my sweet, thank you! I hope your Christmas has been loverly too, and may 2014 treat you with great generosity and fill you with pleasures unimagined. All best to you and your loved ones, dear Claire!

  5. Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend. Your creativity has brought many, many smiles this year and I look forward to your ‘gifts’ throughout the coming year. God Bless you both!

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