Steaming along Toward the Holidays

I’m sure anyone can easily analyze me to bits for it, but my message today is simple. I made a wreath and I hung it up on the front door to send the message to you, one and all. It’s a holiday message that I think is worth decorating for, regardless of which is your own particular holiday or what the specific date on which it falls.photoThe medium for my message may be a little offbeat. Not everybody puts up a holiday wreath made under a hint of Steampunk influence, but that was my angle at the moment, mostly because I really like all the typical mad-scientist found-object quirky-mechanical fantasy junk that fills the Steampunk world. And I made a wreath because it was fun to montageAnd I did it all to say, in my own funny-yet-utterly-serious little way, that holidays of a great multitude of kinds please me. More than that, I wanted to say that I wish such sweet happiness to all of you who more properly ‘own’ these holidays. And today, what with the 25th of December being the biggest holiday I grew up knowing in my modest corner of the universe, I think it’s exactly the right time to wish all of you as much joy, contentment, hope and peace as you can possibly contain. Well, more–so there will be plenty to spill out onto all the others around you.

26 thoughts on “Steaming along Toward the Holidays

  1. May I be so bold as to analize you….brilliant, wonderful, exciting and doing your own thing which is sooo creative. Merry Christmas and may your creativity blossom even more in the new year. Never change from you you feel inside.

    • That’s a truly generous analysis, my dear. I’ll see what I can do to live up to (or nearly up to) it! 😉 Christmas happiness to you, too, and may it extend throughout the year ahead. Inside *and* out! 😀

        • Well, as far as I can tell, the tradition of Boxing Day may have derived from the ‘poor boxes’ in which churches, temples and charities collected alms for the poor and from which the alms were then distributed on the feast of St Stephen (26 Dec); then it seems the tradition was expanded gradually to include the sort of second-class citizens (laborers, tradesmen, etc) who didn’t get much of a Christmas on the 25th while they were too busy waiting hand and foot on the upper crust. Then, of course, the logical extension was for the upper-crusty to give themselves Second Christmas and exchange further gifts amongst themselves because who really needs poor people having too much of the fun? And the next logical extension would, of course, have become the American version wherein 26 Dec is devoted mostly to returning and exchanging many of the gifts that weren’t so needed by *them* in the first place. But that’s all *my* interpretation of events. 😀

    • No, I’d just kept the Thurber stamp around for some time waiting for the right moment to immortalize it, because he’s long been a favorite author/cartoonist. I’m fearful about the new movie, as I’ve always been so attached to the original story that I can’t imagine any revamping to hold up to its standard. I’d be happy to be wrong, but meanwhile am content to go back and revisit any number of Thurber classics in print anyway! “All scientists except Dr. Millmoss” think it’s a good idea. 😉

    • Ha! I remember S. J. Perelman using whimsy as a euphonious euphemism for what radishes (or their aftermath) filled *him* with. Wink-wink. 😀 And yes, I *am* frequently full of hot air!! But I’m glad you enjoyed this bit. And I hope your holidays have been, are, and will be wonderfully grand, and the year to come spectacular!

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