Morning’s Glories

photoYou’d think I knew nothing whatsoever of the morning’s glories, being a late sleeper by choice and reluctant to go anywhere outside of my own quiet home even when forced to be Up early. Or what feels like early to me. Yet I get up before dawn at least once a week for the trek down to Dallas, and I’ve certainly flown plenty of times on morning flights that required my appearance at the gate at some ghastly hour, since it’s usually slightly cheaper then and often it means arriving at my destination with some margin of time to get me to my intended lodging by bedtime, if not to earlier events.

And amazingly, I’ve found things to enjoy in the morning hours. Sunrise can easily be as grand a spectacle as a sunset, and when the world begins to stir it’s often in fascinating and literally eye-opening ways that the sleepy end of day can’t share. There is a tinge of excitement to wondering what lies in the day ahead, and sometimes even a sense of urgency that can stir me to look forward with greater intensity to what is to come.

Still, I’d far rather lie abed and greet the day in slothful comfort. If I can do so with the curtain open and the splash of a brilliant morning glory peering in at me, that’s perfectly welcome and will likely make my rising the easier. Just let me greet the day at my own pace and I will happily sing the morning’s glories when I’ve gotten up much later as I’d like.

In the meantime, on this day of America celebrating the immeasurable gifts found in and through the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I am reminded that the most dazzling and magnificent light is that streaming from the souls of good people who go about the work of making the world better for all, no matter what the risk. May we shed light on our neighbors, friends and family through what we do and the way we live, today and every day. No matter when the day actually starts.

12 thoughts on “Morning’s Glories

  1. You sound like me πŸ™‚ Have never been a morning person & sleep-ins are in my top 5 favourite things! Like you, when I HAVE to get up early it is all majestic & peaceful etc but I would rather sneak in a few more hours sleep.

    • I see this as an analogue to the joys of travel: while I enjoy the beauties of all of those famous sights and sites I visit, I don’t spend a lot of energy trying to document those things in my photos, since better and smarter photographers have long since done that with better shots than I ever could, so I am happier to visit the non-famous stuff and make my mark with celebrating *that*. Similarly, I’m content to know the joys of morning through others’ eyes! Happy sleeping. πŸ˜€

  2. Mornings…….Ah, the differences – I usually rise in the dark, just an ingrained habit that comes with 40 years of working in the petroleum industry…field level. The wonderful things to observe and see as the world wakes up has always fascinated me….your analogy of the good that shines through so many others is perfect…sometimes we need to slow down and see it. And….remind ourselves that we do influence those around us! Thanks for the reminder.

    • I’m not certain that twenty gallons of coffee would be quite sufficient to revive a sleeper-in of my ilk. But I’m quite happy to leave the proper use of mornings to my bettersβ€”thanks for taking on the task in my stead! πŸ˜€

    • Heh-heh-heh, *I’m* stupider than ever in the morning! I may not be a super-genius, but I think I can safely say that what little smartitude I have is better expressed when I’ve slept long and well. πŸ˜‰

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