Knock Down the Fortress


Battlements Better Breached

In the windows, down the rooftops, through the stonework of her walls,

All the shadows gone at midday, softly as an echo falls,

Whispered secrets came to haunt her, spoken like a jailer’s dream

Though the sun would flame and flourish and the loneliness extreme

Drove her near the brink of madness, still she boarded up her heart;

All the same, away with sadness! Every ending is the start

Of a different adventureโ€”little did our lady know

That her fortress wouldn’t save her, with its brave protective show,

But when breached and doors thrown open, halls filled up with ringing song,

She’d be rescued by companions she’d been fearful of so long.

Hospitality and kindness, love and great companion friends

Altogether bring salvation: joy is where this story ends.

10 thoughts on “Knock Down the Fortress

  1. I do love this one Kathryn! ! Your talent stretches like elastic! I find it difficult to do rhyming poetry. You do it so well. I love the metaphor in this and the alliteration in the title!!!

    Im joining a local writing group this week! Wish me luck, Im nervous! Looking forward to it too though. ๐Ÿ˜Š Xx

    • I think the building might actually be an old courthouse or similar civic building; it’s in south-central Texas and caught my eye for obvious reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚

      On second thought, when I looked back at the photo just now I had a glimmering of remembrance of the sign out front of it and seem to recall it was the local Jail. All the better suited for my poem, if accidentally (a fortress to keep people IN)!

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