A Lovely Lass & Her Longing Lads

Ginger Bred

Once upon a ginger lock, I made a little wish

That every bird in yonder flock and every silvery fish

In yonder stream should stop to see how lovely and, alas,

Aloof from my sweet would-be love was yonder ginger lass,digital illustrationFor she was sweet as mead and mint and lilies in the glen,

And many were the lads who looked on her, as I did then,

With wishful hearts and hopeful souls, yet Queen of bees was she,

To sting our hopes, who wished and dreamt and loved her gingerly.

For my good friend Jim and his merry band at gingerfightback.

22 thoughts on “A Lovely Lass & Her Longing Lads

  1. ‘For she was sweet as mead and mint and lilies in the glen’. I loved the whole piece but this line just got me, such a visual description almost to the point of being able to smell her perfume. The illustrations are beautiful.

    • I consider myself exceedingly lucky to have collected a number of grand and inspiring friends since joining the blogging community. So delighted to have you visit here, too! Thanks for the appreciation.

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