Not Much of a Mascot

The dove is not an entirely obvious choice as the perfect symbol of Peace, but it’s held that status among many nationalities for a mighty long time. Me, I found it highly annoying to think that such a tiny-brained creature was elected as representative of the state so revered and desired by so many. Peace, I thought, shouldn’t be personified by a little avian of fairly grubby habits with, arguably, one of the more proportionally miniscule skulls in the company of birds.

But on second thought, it’s quite a good fit, and kind of encouraging on top of it. If peace is to be even the slightest possibility for humans, then it had better be achievable by the truly, wildly less-than-perfect. That’s one way in which the vast majority of humanity is not only well equipped but generally overqualified: we’re guaranteed to be flawed. So to think we might have even a tiny shot at meeting, finding or bringing peace is heartening. Like the dove, we bipeds are a bunch of weaklings; even among those with actual muscle, it’s rare to find folk with strength of character and will and wisdom to match, so it’s up to the rest of us much more ordinary louts and fools to get the job done. What do you say? Shall we not tumble out of the nest and give it a try?

digital illustration

*Dove sei?* [Where are you?]

11 thoughts on “Not Much of a Mascot

  1. I love how you thought through the paradox and came up with a brilliant answer to the dove’s questionable status as a mascot for peace!
    My husband introduced me to his love of doves by bringing me a chair to join him in his bird barn. He pointed out how they mate for life, share the jobs of sitting on the eggs equally, and sitting with the hatchlings equally while the other goes in search of food. When the one comes back from searching for food, s/he feeds the spouse first and then feeds the chicks! Then the one who was sitting goes off in search of food, with a little meal already provided for energy! They kiss each other sweetly, too, and the husband never forgets to flirt with his wife by dancing pretty circles arou d her to make her interested to his advances! They are great examples of peaceful love when seen from this perspective! xoxo ;^)

  2. We definitely all need to do our bit, even if it is just smiling at somebody or getting involved with a cause. Given half the chance I would want the entire world to hear me echo the words of Mother Teresa – “Be Pro Peace, Not Anti War”. The simple fact of focusing on the positive and not the negative will heal the world.
    Have a beautiful happy love filled weekend dear Kath.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

  3. We are so worried about what can be done for us, we forget what we should do for others. That always helps peace out a bit. 🙂 I love the image Mandy! Do you just draw these each day? They’re incredible.

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