Questionable Behavior

I will never deny that much of my behavior, if not my very being, is in highly questionable taste. I am uncouth. And I’m certainly unsettled, if not illustration

Generally, though, I would prefer to attribute this to having an ongoing and dedicated case of childlike curiosity. It seems to me it’d be a pity not to have this particularly happy mental condition. Why on earth would anyone want to stop being filled with wonder and awe at the astounding and miraculous and unpredictable world around us? How dull and tedious would that world be if everything were explainable, understood, known and codified! And if my only response to it all is a mere shrug of casual acceptance, what excitement or new pleasures can I expect?

Far better to make a fool of myself by being thrilled with the strange, attracted to the odd. Far more marvel and delight in believing that every door opened, every corner turned is a very thin barrier, a fine veil, between my present state and an unexplored or unimagined place of sweetness and inspiration. So I hope you’ll pardon my manners if I get a bit overworked and can’t quite contain my enthusiasm. A kid’s gotta dream.

8 thoughts on “Questionable Behavior

  1. Hear, hear…Bravo Bravo. I am in my very late 60’s and am the biggest kid on the blog and intend to stay that way. Curious, ridiculous, silly, serious, Love being naughty and growing old disgracefully. I would love to throw a full on tantrum, kicking and screaming on the floor but I would probably need a nana nap on the floor after so much exertion., I am with you all the way.dear lady.

  2. Keep on dreaming, never ever change and continue to share your thoughts because these little insights into you and your wonderful way with words are inspiring and delightful. 🙂

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