Let’s be a Toothsome Twosome

digital illustrationInssssssinuations

Don’t worry, Dear; take no alarm—
I’m just designed this way!
If my appearance threatens harm,
Don’t suffer such dismay!
You sense I’m glaring hate, perhaps?
Just something in my eye
That irritates me between naps—
Not meant to make you cry!
This whiplash tail so menacing
Waves only out of habit—
It really doesn’t mean a thing,
You silly rabbit—grab it!
Fear not my hiss or venom’s kiss:
They’re breath and smiling, merely—
There is no threat in all of this—
I would embrace you dearly!
Ignore my hard, ignoble sneer—
It’s just coincidental
That my dentition’s pinking shear
Does not appear more gentle!
So snuggle up among my curves
And let me hug you closely
And cuddle you to soothe your nerves—
You have misjudged me grossly!

19 thoughts on “Let’s be a Toothsome Twosome

  1. Oh, I pressed post before I finished…silly me. Let me continue. I love your illustration. What medium have you used, it is startling. Also, a lovely written piece, thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I will press post…

    • It’s an entirely digital drawing. My beloved bought me an iPad (Air) in January, and I uploaded a handful of free drawing/painting programs and am having a fabulous time playing with them and seeing what each will do, and even sometimes what I can do by sending a piece from one program to another. This one was done with a line drawing (the black outline) in the program Paper, then sent to my laptop computer and colored (by my older technique that I had been using with real paper drawings when I would scan them in and color them) in Photoshop. Pretty heady stuff for an old fogey like me, but great fun to see what the new tools enable me to do. One thing I like is the portability of it, since by having a flat purse that measures less than 30 cm in either direction I can have the iPad and its plug-in and a stylus with me along with phone and wallet stuff. The other is that the portability is multiplied by my not having to carry different media and tools, since these various programs allow me to create imitations of all kinds of strata (watercolor paper, canvas, etc) and to blend colors endlessly. The other element I’m loving is the ability, in many programs, to create works in layers, so I can actually work “backwards”, making the outline first and then filling it in with color and texture as though in a child’s coloring book, reversing the layers so that the outline becomes the top and most prominent again, deleting a layer that I don’t like, and so forth. I can only imagine you’d have a huge amount of fun with this stuff, too, if you haven’t already!

  2. “Misjudged grossly/” I’d say. Interesting to read that you’re using an iPad and apps to create the image. Amazing the opportunities that are opening, allowing people more ways to express themselves.

    • I guess I should just be glad I didn’t make this guy a *[said in a tiny whisper]* spider.

      Yes, I am astonished at how much I can play around with digital media already and I know I’m waaaay behind the curve. I’ll keep having fun trying to catch up….


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