Things I Tell Myself

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…and whatever you do, think of your glass as half full. You’ll tolerate your self-criticism better, put it to more positive use, and still remain thirsty for truth, goodness and happiness.

10 thoughts on “Things I Tell Myself

    • Absolutely true! I realize (having been there myself in times past) that there are times when some people are—whether biologically or situationally or chemically or for whatever reason—unable to make the necessary Choice to pursue happiness, let alone to *Do* it, but for the vast majority of us in the vast majority of times, we should be constantly conscientious about working to be happy. And I would add, too, that that very act of will can be contagious. 🙂

  1. And as you give a pep talk to yourself, Kathryn, you do to others! I love the full-length mirror in the heart concept! Choices are always before us – especially as it affects our happiness, productivity and attitude that, of course, affects most everything. Isn’t it magical how spilling gratefulness and positivity fills every glass that ‘listens’ a little closer to its brim? Thank you and blessings, my friend! XO ♥

    • I know from our conversations that you and I have the same attitude about the multiplication potential in shared happiness! Thank you for adding to *my* daily dose yet again, sweet Diane!

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