Resistance is Ridiculous

I could try to avoid smiling when I’m thinking about this topic, but I’m not sure it’s possible.
digital illustrationAnd is there any good reason to, anyway?

I can be a silly goose in so many ways; I can duck the inevitable for great lengths of time, and I’m certainly bird-brained enough to think myself above the flighty affectations and affections of lesser beings. But one good thing I learned pretty much when I was still quite a little hatchling is that letting my spirits take wing with every avian in sight is a fine and healthy practice. When I let my thoughts go to the birds, my well-being begins to soar. Who am I to argue with the brilliance of our feathered friends?

16 thoughts on “Resistance is Ridiculous

  1. I think I’ll read this one to Lucy as tonight’s bed time story. Good thing, too. I’m really tired of watching “The Birds” until she falls asleep each night.

    • Clearly Max hasn’t made her go entirely to the dogs yet! I recommend a few episodes of Tweety Bird’s adventures as a cheerier (and the bird always wins) kind of lullaby for Lucy. šŸ˜‰

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