Foodie Tuesday: The Great Truffle Kerfuffle

When the Sweet Tooth Siren calls, pay attention. A person could fade away and starve if candy isn’t handy when it’s required. So when I got that urge today, I knew that even though I wouldn’t get home until late-ish from the concert tonight, I had better think of some way to make some sweet happen. Fast.

I was thinking something truffle-like, because: chocolate. Also, because it’d be pretty easy if I didn’t get too complicated with it. So I jumped right on in.

What I did was this: I mixed about equal amounts of powdered cocoa and powdered peanuts and coconut oil (room temperature, solid) together into a thick paste. Then I added in a splash of almond extract, a dash of crunchy Maldon sea salt, and some dark maple syrup to taste, and this made a dense enough ‘dough’ to form into 1/2″ spheres. I rolled these heavily in flaked, toasted coconut. Most of this truffle mix went into the fridge for tomorrow and/or other, future candy emergencies. Some of it went pretty much straight into my mouth, conveniently enough.


Trifling with truffles…

Because it was easy, and it tasted pretty darned good—not that it wouldn’t be equally tasty if I substituted the coconut with, say, sesame seeds or finely chopped nuts or minced preserved ginger, dried apricots or candied peel, or some additional chocolate, in dainty little chips. But no matter. What is essential is that I got my sugary fix in an appropriate hurry, and it pleased me.

And that, after all, is what was on order for the day.

19 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: The Great Truffle Kerfuffle

      • My precious husband will be back home on Sunday after a horrible 3 week trip away so all is going to be wonderful.
        I will have to feed him all of his favourites for a whole week!
        Have a glorious weekend too dear Kath.

        • Dearest, I hope you and Pete are enjoying the best of reunions! Reconnecting is of course all the better when it serves as the perfect excuse for eating all of one’s favorite foods! 😀

  1. There you go again, Kathryn. You have the ability to grab ingredients and whip up a snack, main course, dessert, you name it. Me? Once I move away from pasta, it takes me any number of tries to come up with something resembling food with taste to match.

    • You give me too much credit, John. After all, I have yet to see a single post ‘a Trattoria Bartolini’ containing anything I wouldn’t gobble up in a trice, and you hardly limit yourself to pasta no matter what you say! But here’s hoping we’ll have some opportunity to cook, or at least dine, together one day, whether in TX or IL or elsewhere, and we can be each other’s guinea pigs. 😉

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