The Longed-for Sound

digital illustrationAwakening

Whose is the voice that speaks my name, Aloud or silently, the same,

In gentle speech or radiant song, Unspoken care, forgiving wrong?

Whose is the loving, laughing voice That makes my waiting heart rejoice,

That wakes my hope and lights the sky With stars, to which my sole reply

Is humble gratitude, delight That such a voice breaks through the night

To search me out, my heart in two, And make it whole?

Your voice. Yes, you.

22 thoughts on “The Longed-for Sound

  1. love the prose, and the illustration … have always enjoyed turquoise and lime green in the same space … reminds me of an home-sewn outfit either my mother (or myself) owned way back when

    • Bet we were practically twins. I also had a favorite Easter dress in those colors in the years when Mom sewed all four of us dresses for every Easter. (Amazing!) I’m glad you enjoyed the familiar combo too!! 😀

  2. Oh, Kathryn, this is so gorgeous, the poem speaks to my heart so perfectly… unspoken care, forgiving wrong… yes, even those – how lovely and perceptive are these words! And the butterfly is awesome, I love your artistic style with lines and really wonderful colors! ♥♥♥ ; ^)

    • That’s so sweet of you, Aisha! As a person who, if I remember my definitions correctly, chose a name meaning ‘Life’, you would of course appreciate a butterfly as well as the renewal and graces it symbolizes. Many thanks, my dear!

      • Yes, how wonderful of you, yes, Aisha is the feminine form of “Life!” And it is true, I did choose this name for myself, however, at the time I didnt appreciate how significant that would be for me, with the transformation being so early at the time. How beautiful and perceptive of you, Kathryn, that really makes my day, and I feel I have a more special relationship with the butterfly now that you point this out! May I download a copy of your butterfly image to remember this moment? ♥♥♥♥♥ ;^)

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