It’s All in the Mustache…Beard…Eyebrows…Toupee…

I’m neutral about facial hair. Well, on males, at least (sorry, Tante Anna!). My spouse had a short goatee when we got together, and while I thought it handsome on him I not only didn’t mourn its demise when he shaved it but realized afterward that it was light-colored enough that some people were apparently not only unaware he’d removed his beard but that he’d had one in the first place. Guess he didn’t go around kissing and nuzzling just illustrationI’m now so used to his being clean-shaven that I imagine it’d seem outright weird to readjust if he opted to grow a beard again, or a mustache. On the other hand, it is intriguing to see the major resurgence of popularity that all sorts of hair-raising acts are undergoing these days. It’s a great time, in my opinion, that it’s not only quite common to see people in the same place dressed in pants or skirts of all different lengths and heels of widely varying heights but also hairstyles ranging right from shaved heads (men’s and women’s) to dreads or super-‘fros (black, white and brown people’s). Curly or straight, short or not, natural-colored or wildly dyed, it can be anything that suits the heart or the head of the wearer. I like that.

digital illustrationWhat’s probably the most entertaining aspect of all this to me is seeing so many guys of a twenty-ish vintage looking so distinctly like those photos that can be unearthed of my great-great grandfathers and their brethren. I suppose that shouldn’t be entirely shocking in an era where baby names have also trended back to that generation’s. Can the bustle (you’ll pardon the pun) be far behind? Not to worry…I probably won’t be able to see what anyone’s wearing through the thicket of beards by then, anyway.


17 thoughts on “It’s All in the Mustache…Beard…Eyebrows…Toupee…

  1. I only noticed the plethora of beards recently, but it must have been going on a while as some are very long! Many are beautifully tended too. (My partner has had a beard all the time I have known him, over 30 years! It has gone from dark brown to snowy white in that time.)

    • A snowy white beard is kind of irresistible, isn’t it. πŸ™‚ But then I will assume that 30+ years together prove that your partner was irresistible all on his own! πŸ˜€

  2. Your words are always so interesting and your art work is fabulous. I like ‘hairy’ men. Mind you I have never had an occasion to (using your eloquent words) kiss or snuggle one πŸ™‚ I just like the look. I also like men wearing different styles these days.

    • My latest hirsute happiness is one of Richard’s grad students who likes to, in Nate’s words, ‘nuzzle’ me when I get a hug from him. He’s about a full foot taller than I am, so when we hug, his beard brushes my hair! πŸ˜‰ Bearded, long-haired or utterly glabrous (what a funny word for clean-shaven!), all of the singers know they’re welcome to hug me if they like getting hugged back, and this is one of the treasured bonuses of being consort to a guy whose students and other singers are used to seeing me at rehearsals as well as concerts. πŸ™‚

  3. My hubby has a goatee/line beard and for Halloween one year he shaved it off. .. He looked 12 years old! I seriously looked like his mother when with him (I’m 8 yrs his senior) until it grew out. Now, with the winter we had, he’s grown a full beard. … I can’t wait for the goatee to return. ..🐐

    • As a midwesterner, obviously you know the adorableness of a little goat anyhow. When a man imitates that beard successfully, how can he not also be adorable? πŸ˜€ Not to worry about the age-gap appearances, of course: “cougars” are just smart and beautiful women whose fantastic appeal outreaches their mere peer group! xo

  4. My hubby has a moustache and has had for the entire time I’ve known him. I call it his “little white moustache”. Thank goodness he isn’t reading this comment, lol.

  5. I have absolutely no explanation for it whatsoever, but I’ve never even noticed men that don’t have facial hair. I’ve always been partial to men with beards (nicely trimmed beards, not the raggedy version). And moustaches are okay, too. My former husband had a full beard and moustache the entire time we were married, even though he didn’t have much hair on top. Now he shaves his head, and all I can say is that I’m grateful I wasn’t around for that chapter. πŸ™‚

    Even both my sons, and one of my grandsons, have varying stages of facial hair. Again, don’t ask me why, but I actually like the sort of scruffy look of a barely-there beard, too. You’re absolutely right … the facial hair phenomena has gained wide popularity again … and I seriously doubt the younger generation realizes that they aren’t the pioneers of this facial hair trend. They like to believe they are original, and the risk-takers of their generation.

    • I love my guy’s smooth pate and baby-soft face since he started the full-on shave, but it’s just as delightful to me to see a big ol’ mountain-man beard, a head covered with splendid braids, a wispy pixie haircut, magnificent mustachioed glory or a period-perfect 50s crewcutβ€”whatever suits the person and the occasion. As for originality, my artist radar tells me that pretty much Everything has been done; it’s all, always, a matter of how we put our own spin on it when it’s our turn. πŸ˜€

  6. Up until a few years ago, I always had a mustache and the beard came and went. It wasn’t so much a fashion statement as it was my hatred of shaving, which I prefer to call blood-letting. πŸ™‚

    • Refusal to let so-called fashion dictate a life of starring in self-inflicted slasher movies by shaving one’s face seems as wise as leaving mile-high heels to youngsters who still think themselves either immune to orthopedic disaster or gravely in need of applied attention-getting devices. Though I take it that you’ve been clean-shaven for awhile (per your gravatar), and doubtless remain dashing and suave as the bearded or mustachioed version of yourself ever was. πŸ˜€

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