Don’t be So Beastly

Biting Remarks may be Rewarded in Kind

Do not call me a scaredy cat or other catty names;digital illustration

Don’t have a cow, but I refuse to buy into your gamesdigital illustration

Of calling me bull-headed, big fat cow, a silly goose,digital illustration

Or loosey-goosey, bird-brained, or a dumb sheep. What the deucedigital illustration

Do you think you are doing? For—sheepish as I may be—

I’m not so woolly-minded as your image is of me,

And once you’ve riled me up enough with childishness so tryin’,

I may just turn around and bite you hard, and I ain’t illustration

29 thoughts on “Don’t be So Beastly

    • Thank you! I had a lot of fun fooling around with both the original line drawings and then the ways to use their backgrounds and textures to tie them together a bit (the B/W versions were done at different times). One never quite knows, when a picture begins, just where it will lead! As I’m sure you know very well yourself!

  1. The colours you get into your drawing are fantastic. The lion’s shading and eyes are stunning. Then to marry the colour with the black and white and of course the words are brilliant. Love it all.

    • As you can see by my reply to Janet, this was decidedly a figure-it-out-as-you-go kind of project, starting with the line drawings that were collected over a week or two, then seeing how the resemblance led to a poem, then finding the colors and textures to pull them together enough to justify their being grouped for the poem—and letting the lion be the most distinctive as the punchline illustration, so to speak. Always a learning curve, every drawing, every post, and a bit of experimentation. Two steps forward, one back…. 🙂

    • Most of the time when repayment in kind is promised, it’s not particularly kind! A little ironic, perhaps. 😉 Keep shining, yourself, dear Christine! xoxo,

      • They are part of my keyboard on my Galaxy s4. I loved stickers as a kid and I these remind me of them. 👟🗼🚕🎭🎺💍 some are pretty odd!

    • Thank you, my friend! I know you have quite the eye (and heart) for animals, not least of all your dear Nechama, so even though I don’t have any live animal companions sharing my home with me, I can at least share some of those that live in my internal zoo! 🙂

    • Is that redundant? Many kitties I know seem perpetually indignant—though, of course, they can hardly be blamed if they’re faced constantly with silly humans! 😀

    • Thanks, Lauren, I did the critters on different occasions but had a pretty good time at the last, trying to make them work together sufficiently for the piece. Life is good. Have a beautiful weekend!!!

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