There’s No Pleasing That Woman

Digital illustrationSo Crotchety behind Her Crocheting

Does this seem troubling to you? All grans aren’t tiresome, it’s true,

But this old lady nurses ire as if she kept eternal fire

Cooking for gleeful roasting of all who would dare to fall in love,

To be successful, find delight in anything, morning to night,

That is not hers, and hers alone; she glowers as if from the throne

Of Empire, threatening with doom all who would dare challenge the gloom

With which she paints her own worldview; I find her hideous, don’t you?

The only worse soul, I should think, would be my own, if I would sink

To wishing others ill because they weren’t as awful as I was.

10 thoughts on “There’s No Pleasing That Woman

  1. That last line….is sooo true of a lifetime of negativity or god help me of growing old. People who want to drag others down or even worse…a narcissist. Great drawing…scary post!

    • It kind of amazes me that curmudgeons so seldom seem to realize that they have the power to be happier just by being nicer!!! Sounds like that aunt of yours has a better shot at happiness where she is now than she did in life. πŸ˜‰

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