Meeting the New Kid

Did you know that there are creatures you didn’t know you knew? Of course you knew it. After all, there’s the whole race of super-characters, multiple species like the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster, Dracula and Tinkerbell, Wonder Woman and Wolverine peopling our universe, or at least some parallel ones, so we’re pretty well surrounded by fantastic fellow creatures if we’re willing and able to recognize them.
Digital illustration: Bumblesaurus

I think that perhaps part of the reason I’ve so long loved living so deeply in my imagination is that, having the social anxiety I’ve always dealt with when it comes to human-type people, I find I’m fond of fictional company and its many quirks and quizzical qualities. Not that I would necessarily be more masterful or even less shy in the midst of make-believe characters: I’m perfectly capable of being intimidated by the magnificence of pretend persons or frightened by the nastiness of the wicked ones just as easily as by real folk.

So you’ll forgive me if, despite his appearance of being slow-moving, benign, and perhaps a touch dim-witted yet perfectly friendly, I take my time getting to know the Bumblesaurus. He just wandered into the backyard when I wasn’t looking and made himself at home under a mulberry seedling. Yes, you got that right: he’s four centimeters long. Did I mention that I’m a nervous type? I mean, you only have to be the size of a flea to spread the plague all over Europe and kill off hordes of humans, right? I really do have to remind myself to give everyone, not least of all the Bumblesaurus, the benefit of the doubt. As they probably all do me.

11 thoughts on “Meeting the New Kid

  1. I love how some of your drawings begin in one place, and seem to end up in another. Like you started off in one direction, and switched halfway through, discovering something you “didn’t know you already knew”. Love the colors, of course. Dark and vibrant, together, in the same space. Complementing one another.

  2. Bumblesaurus is a lovely little fellow. He is a product of your lovely creative mind and has come out for us to share. I am not afraid, well, maybe just a tiny bit, after all you did point out that the size of a flea can cause mayhem. Your drawing are such a delight.

  3. I think he’s rather cute in an odd sort of way, but I suppose if I met him in person, I might have a different opinion. Of course, your drawing is wonderful and I love the vibrant colors. Have a super Sunday, my friend…xo

    • Many of my characters and creatures and monsters only appeal to me in the most abstract of terms, but I almost never fail to enjoy bringing them into existence, at least! πŸ˜‰ Sunday *was* grand. Long, but grand. Two services in the morning, a quick lunch and dash back up to Denton (45 minute drive each way) for a short nap, then back for warmup and the pre-tour concert with the Chancel Choir. It went very well and we had fun visiting with friends in attendance. After the Saturday morning rehearsal, dash to Denton for an appointment, and return to Dallas for the *youth* choir’s evening concert, it made for a long weekend in total, but despite being very tired last night we were happy and music-filled. πŸ˜‰ Hope you have a wonderful week!

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