If My Song could Last Forever

Photo: Well Seasoned 1Hours into Seasons

There’s a sweetness in the morning when the sun has yet to rise

And the blooms lie, still unopened, under sleeping butterflies;

When the stars still wink and glimmer, while the frogs yet softly sing—

There’s a sweetness in the morning that is like the breath of Spring.Photo: Well Seasoned 2

There’s a graciousness at midday when, amid the racing streams,

All arise and put in motion yesterday’s profoundest dreams;

When the past its chains has loosened on the race of all alive,

That in joyful forward motion we, like Summer, grow and thrive.Photo: Well Seasoned 3

There’s a calm amid the evening when the birds come to the trees’

Respite from the day of flying, echoed by our evening ease;

When the cares of noon have lessened as the dusk swept into place—

There’s a calm amid the evening, peaceful as the Autumn’s grace.Photo: Well Seasoned 4

There’s a beauty to the nighttime, glorious and peaceful bliss,

Treasured for the kind renewal of the souls that rest in this

Cradling darkness and this languor, in this place of mending rest

That, like Winter’s dormant healing, lets us wake refreshed and blessed.Photo: Well Seasoned 5

I would take these hours’ presents as my guide through seasons long,

Through a lifelong path that’s pleasant as a choir’s finest song;

I would be a seasoned traveler, happy above everything,

If my song could last forever,

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.Photo: Well Seasoned 6

21 thoughts on “If My Song could Last Forever

    • Many thanks, milady! I am happy you like this. I can’t remember what part of Sverige is home for you, but I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Stockholm right now enjoying the use of their WiFi while “our” apartment connection isn’t yet functional. It’s as beautiful today as any time I’ve been here, but simply being back in my favorite city (and soon to see a few of our many friends here) I am happy beyond words. I hope it’s sunny and beautiful where you are, too!

    • Merryn, I thank your for your generosity and kindness! I have moved toward a no-awards status this year because I have more commenters whose correspondence deserves more of my time than I used to spend, but I am truly blessed that you thought to present this award. Thanks for being here!

      • No worries at all! I totally understand – I find that sometimes I spend more time commenting on people’s blogs/ corresponding than writing my own posts but that’s what it’s all about – sharing in a great online community :). I love your blog and so glad to have found it!

        • Thanks so much! I’m delighted to have connected as well and look forward to much more. Yes, this is an inspiring and challenging and wonderful community and well worth the time and correspondence to know! 🙂

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