For Love of Singing

Digital illustration from photos:  I Sing for JoyI Sing for Love

I sing for love of singing, For music, sweet and strong

That carries me from joy to joy, Amending every wrong—

To hear clear voices ringing Across the dawn of day

Makes purest gold, without alloy, My every waking way—

As day approaches evening, A lullaby, at last,

Gives night delight, believing As I do that in the vast—

Infinite—constellation Of voices in the night,

I will find deep communion With the song that sets me right—

I sing for love of singing, For in the choir’s heart

Is all the song of blessing That I longed for from the start.

26 thoughts on “For Love of Singing

    • I’m so glad you sing anyway! I’m not much myself, especially since Spasmodic Dysphonia stole my vocal stamina and control, but I’m not planning to quit entirely either! There’s something remarkably happy and healing in the very act of attempting to sing, regardless of the perfection. Sing on!

  1. We must be kindred spirits! Your posts consistently strike a chord (pun not intended, but accepted) with me. A dedicated choir member, music is my favorite form of worship.

    • Excellent. I’ve not sung in a choir regularly for years, for various reasons, but never lost my love for them, so I’m happily privileged that I get to go to all kinds of rehearsals when my husband’s conducting! What a blessing music is.

  2. Singing is good for the soul, whether you’re good at it or not! You’ve reminded me to sing in the shower more! Have you seen the movie As It Is In Heaven? I think you’d enjoy! They say its the best thing to come out of Sweden since Abba.

    • Having gotten home from Stockholm on Friday, I flattered myself that *I* was the best thing to come out of Sweden!! 😉 But I’ll have to look up the movie. 🙂 Meanwhile, we’ll both work on our shower operatics. 😀

    • I took a puffy-cloud-sky photo of mine, multiplied it in various directions digitally and then colored on it a bit. Actually a relatively easy one, in the end. I’m happy you liked it! 🙂

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