Sing Comfort to Me

Digital illustration: Wild Daisies 1Sweet is the Song

However cold and sharp the wind may be,

As wild and deep as darkness ever falls,

From utmost edges of the storm still calls

A song that stills, that draws and comforts me—

Though battles rage, the world in sorrow drowns,

And trials threaten life and hope and light,

That gracious call still guides me through the night

As long as I will listen to its sounds—

No danger is so great, no ill so dire,

Nor pestilence and terror so extreme,

That it cannot be mended by the stream

Of melody from that angelic choir—

Now when amid the depths of dark and pain,

I’ll listen for that heavenly refrain.Digital illustration: Wild Daisies 2

14 thoughts on “Sing Comfort to Me

  1. very clever how you quietly used the flat and dull and muted against the brightly lit and bursting with color version. you are just full of surprises, aren’t you? you’re just about the only person I know who manages to say something in a way that pulls people in, rather than push them away.

    • I’m honored that you think of my writing that way. I would say the same of yours, but perhaps with greater intensity, since you often write of such highly-charged subjects that it would be easy to write rather off-putting posts about them, but instead you remain thoughtful, thought-provoking and always inviting us into the conversation. It gives even a timid person like me the courage to say what I think and feel and know that I’ll be given a generous listening and thoughtful response. That’s an amazing gift you have!

    • It’s layers of different media on top of each other, but the only photo in the mix was the second iteration: first, it was an oil painting on canvas; next, a digital photo of the painting; third, a highly-Photoshopped abstract in a somewhat Impressionistic style but with no pictorial content whatsoever; fourth, I reopened the digital file in Photoshop this week, compressed the horizontal image into a square and fiddled with the colors a little, then ‘fingerpainted’ the daisies over that background, using my laptop’s trackpad. Last step was, of course, to mess with the color saturation and textures to get the iterations different enough for the dimness-to-light idea of the poem to seem more evident in the illustrations. I’m glad you liked the stuff! 🙂

    • I’m very happy the difference showed up enough (I’m often dubious whether my variations are clear in posts). Digital artwork here—see my answer above to Ms. Johann! Thanks for reading, as always, my darling.

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