I Love You Like Crazy

Acrylic mural: Tongue-in-Cheek, after Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun It’s probably inaccurate in more than just the politically correct sense to say that I love my husband like crazy, because it would imply that my affections are only similar to complete madness, and we all know I’m much closer than that in reality. While I flatter myself that I maintain a reasonably plausible façade of normalcy, everybody knows that I’m pretty nutty about my spouse. And those who know him don’t blame me.

He really is a lovable guy.

But aside from the stuff that is evident to the general public, that part about him being a thoughtful colleague, a committed and skilled teacher, a nuanced and inspired conductor of singers and instrumentalists, and all that other excellent and admirable kind of thing, he is smart and curious and kind as a person. I know that when we are together, I matter as much to him as he does to me; that he is a safe retreat from both the minor perturbations of the day and the greater dangers of the wide world when I am in need. And I have in him the great friend with whom I would rather while away the hours either in intensive work or fully at play than with anyone else on earth.

Most of all, I know he not only understands my particular brand of craziness but shares in it as well. Each day, each year, is a surprise package of a kind, and every one of them is somehow richer than all of the foregoing ones as more than the sum of their many parts. Love and admiration and respect and support are all well and good, but if they don’t have the kind of holy hilarity that life with my partner has, they can never be enough.

With that, I wish my beloved the happiest of birthdays, and many more of them yet to come, each in succession with new and astonishing delights.

14 thoughts on “I Love You Like Crazy

    • We’re managing to make a whole weekend out of the celebrating, thanks to lots of friends and the three-day weekend here! He even managed to get about a day and a half of relatively work-free time, something of a miracle for a guy who currently has a job and three-quarters. No matter; we find our HH in whatever we’re doing or it won’t happen at all. 😉

  1. Happy Birthday to your husband and how wonderful it is that you have found one another. May you enjoy many many more beautiful years together. I love the portrait:) Have a fun and love filled weekend. Janet. xxx

    • The portrait was a borrowing of mine from Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun (her self-portrait, if I’m remembering correctly), done as a 2m high face on a gallery wall.

      The weekend is going by apace, but definitely filled with fun and happy things all through. I’ll pass along all of the kind birthday wishes from everybody here, of course! Thank you, Janet!


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