I’ve Got Something on My Mind…

Photo: Something on My MindThough many may doubt it, I’ve often got something on my mind. Much of the time it is, as you might guess, quite frivolous and fantastical. But on occasion, I have actually, factually, genuinely had a thought or two of some depth and seriousness. Thankfully, these tend to pass without causing me too much pain, though like the aftereffects of an evening of overindulgence at the cheese board, the passing thereof might engender in others a certain degree of discomfiture, for which I apologize in general here and now.

Once I’ve recovered myself I will of course return to my normal abnormality and indulge in thoughts no more intense or impressive than wisps of fairy hair and glints of glitter, and I hope that you will still accept me, bird-brained and hare-brained though I may be. And may all ofย your ruminations give you more pleasure than pain as well!

6 thoughts on “I’ve Got Something on My Mind…

  1. this made me smile, as I’ve noticed that my own brain is sometimes littered with oodles of excrement, and despite the fact that I prefer all those deep thoughts, sometimes the glitter and glitz is as deep as it gets ๐Ÿ™‚

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