Fools & Their Followers

I will never pretend that I am neither gullible nor misinformed. I am one or both of those on a very consistent basis, if not constantly. All I can say in defense of myself, with all of these lacks and lapses, is that I continue to ask questions, try to learn, and hope for the patience and kindness of my teachers. And for the ability to accept new knowledge and make the changes it requires, accordingly.

Photo + text: Fools & Their FollowersPower to the Precedent

Contradicting every rule

Is, sure, the hallmark of a fool

—Except in times and places where

The rules are stupid and unfair—

The problem, clearly: to define

Whose rules are foolish,


—or mine

8 thoughts on “Fools & Their Followers

  1. Good point! Thanks for visiting my blog Kathryn, I thought it was about time that I returned the favour. It’s coming near the end of our busy season so I shall have more time to check in on the blogging community. (After one of those 18 hour naps maybe!)

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