Don’t Pass Me; I’m Going as Fast as I Can!

Photo: Seen from a  TrainHigh Speed Chase

The world, my friends, is a fleeting thing, and life, swift passing by

Like silent film outside the train, blurred trees against the sky

And birds, small flecks, shot from the grass to pepper clouds with black,

Yet nothing would I change a whit to veer from on this track;

If hurtling time should slow its pace in this great journey’s run,

There’d be no more such tales to tell, no news under the sun,

No destinations to explore, adventures to be had,

And not one bit of joy that’s new, and wouldn’t that be sad!

So I’ll hang on and buckle up, and hope what’s speeding past

Won’t leave me in a cloud of dust. I’ll get there, too, at last.

21 thoughts on “Don’t Pass Me; I’m Going as Fast as I Can!

  1. We can never be all things to all people at all times, acbit clichéd probably gut true nevertheless. Well done to you aharula, for recognising it and being prepared to let go a little.

    What a wonderful piece about the geese; I will keep this! Thank you!

    Love and hugs xx

      • Kathryn! I am so sorry! this second comment was a reply to someone else’s blog. I bet you thought I was going mad!! I have no idea how it hapoened. It must have copied and pasted itself here!! My ipad has been misbehaving ever since it did some updates the other day but this has baffled me big time! Love and hugs xx

        • I figured as much, given the lack of obvious geese in this post of mine! But I’m NEVER above stealing hugs and affection whenever I can. 😉 😀

    • So far, so good! And no matter how old I get to be, I’m pretty sure it’s all downhill from here. But then, that’s sure to make the ride exciting all by itself, isn’t it. I can feel the wind rushing through my [ever thinning] hair already! 😀

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